4 – Eco-friendly ways of packaging products

Eco-friendly ways of packaging products

Are you just setting up as an online seller? Or are you looking for ways to make your business more eco-friendly? No matter what stage your business is at, it’s vital that you take steps towards greener packaging and delivery methods. This is particularly relevant as the world tries to fight climate change and its devastating impacts. Here are several ways you can make packaging and sending products more eco-friendly.

1. Use recyclable materials

Use recyclable materialsIf you want to make your product packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, consider choosing recyclable packaging materials. Cardboard and paperboard are great options as they can be reused to make new items. Plus, they are strong materials so will make sure your package’s content remains intact during shipping. You can also choose supplies that are made from recycled materials to support other businesses with a green mission. There are loads of recycled products available, from padded mailers and bags to tissue paper and tape.

2. Opt for biodegradable packaging

As well as recyclable materials, choose packaging that is biodegradable. That way, it’s less likely to be chucked into landfill and leach toxic chemicals into the ecosystem. One major material you should replace (if you use it currently) is plastic, which is renowned for its long life. It’s said that plastic bottles can take more than 450 years to decompose, while plastic bags may take from 10 to 1,000 years. Instead, opt for biodegradable materials such as starch-based packing peanuts and wrap. If you need boxes, use cardboard or paperboard as they are also biodegradable and will eventually decompose to produce soil.

3. Reduce material waste

Reduce material wasteOne of the best ways to make your product packaging eco-friendly is minimizing material waste. If you’ve ever ordered something small and it’s arrived in a huge box with loads of packing material, you’ll appreciate how wasteful and damaging this can be. When packaging your items, carefully choose boxes that are the right size for your product. You should also minimize the amount of protective bubble wrap or tissue you use to protect the item – ask yourself is this really necessary? If a customer has ordered more than one item, it’s also worth popping everything into one package to reduce waste.

4. Pick an eco-friendly delivery service

It’s not just the physical packaging that you need to consider, but the way your goods are transported too. In fact, the international shipping industry alone produces as much carbon dioxide as Germany, according to the latest figures from the BBC. This accounts for “about 2.2% of all global greenhouse gas emissions”. Businesses are recognizing that the way they transport goods has a significant impact on the environment.

If possible, avoid offering ‘fast delivery’ options that mean your customers receive goods in 2 days or less, as it means more transportation is required. Encourage your customers to choose a green delivery option that takes a little longer – you could even offer it for free if viable for your company. If you’re not sure which delivery service to choose, comparison sites like Parcel2Go allow you to check out a range of couriers and choose the best one for you.

By choosing eco-friendly ways of packaging products, you can help to fight climate change for a cleaner, greener future.

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