Best of 2011: Visions of futuristic public transport

The past few decades have brought about enough environmental damages which has led to the depletion of the ozone layer. Now with the need for a public transport system which not only satisfies the needs of present generation but also conserves energy and follows the ‘Go Green’ policy of the UN, the system is changing. The environmentally conscious world, which has been hit by growing prices of petrol and diesel, has found the right eco friendly transportation alternatives in the form of low emission vehicles. A few concept vehicles, aptly labeled as ‘need of the hour vehicles’, are given below.

1. Wastewater fueled SKhy bus

SKhy BusThis hydrogen powered shuttle bus concept designed by the Portuguese designer Alan Monteria envisions an aerodynamic, carbon swallowing, wastewater recycling, oxygen releasing, unmanned shuttle bus. Though building of this futuristic vehicle, dubbed as SKhy bus, would take a while, its determinedly layered energy efficient design is a good fodder for our environmental needs. Skhy stands for “Solar and Kinetic energy to produce Hydrogen” which purely describes its function and characteristics. SKhy is capable of transporting up to 128 passengers with the aid of GPS and sensors.

2. Coventry rapid transit system

Coventry rapidA man who knows the needs of the present world, Matthew Price has visualized a revolutionary future transportation design for the city of Coventry. The Coventry rapid transit system for 2030 is a light rail transportation network design. The design of the vehicle is such that it provides maximum space for standing passengers and, thus, requires not much of interior designing works. The free standing area around the passenger seats with top loops makes the vehicle more flexible and passenger friendly. The spacious under seat luggage storage place can well be utilized to its best as per the passenger’s requirements. The vehicle is powered through small motors to the wheels, while these four pairs of wheels run on-road guided by rails. Thus we can consider this model as an fantastic model with a blend of modern and futuristic sense.

3. Futuristic Aurora transportation concept

Aurora TransportationThis concept, filled with an awe inspiring state-of-art technology with a satiny and a sleek movement, fills the gap between the modern vehicles and the eco friendly ones. It comes with a distinct concept of nature friendly organic LEDS which provide a new dimension and perspective when in motion. Its passenger friendly GenSet GP-38 propulsion platform helps the travelers with valuable information such as train routes and maps via an innovative window display that uses organic LEDS. The Aurora has been designed with a modular seating system so as to satisfy the need to fit larger parties as well as single travelers on a daily basis. Perfect for short inter-city transport and long distance inter-state and continental journeys, the Aurora’s priced possession of an 86-foot dining car allows its passengers to go through a unique system of ordering, pick-up, and tarrying inside the transportation system itself. The Aurora concept transit vehicle is best suitable for the developed countries who are ready to invest in luxuriant public transport vehicles with a futuristic vision.

4. Solar powered touring bus with detachable bicycles

Solar-Powered Touring BusThis highly intellectual Bike Guide concept features detachable bicycles which detach when the bus stops at important landmarks during city tours. The bus is powered by a solar panel system, thereby eliminating the need of petroleum sources. The tourists are given the freedom to use the integrated detachable bicycles to zip by from the touring bus on their personal wheels during the short stops at important landmarks and tourist spots. The concept was designed by Kukil Han, Daehyun Kim, Bojoong Kim, and Jihwan Yun as an innovative way to make the touring trips to be more interesting and entertaining. The Bike Guide Concept bus invites tourists to check in at stalls around town, which provide them with the information of how long before an open seat will come their way. While you are on your way to the next landmark or tourist spot, the built-in LED screens display stories and information about your next location. The detachable bicycle also has a GPS system which provides the mapping system and tit-bits of information along the way.

5. Noiseless Cristal for the future

CristalThis futuristic transportation concept conceived by designer Didier Mandart will seek to accommodate at least six people in a noise-free, tourist friendly vehicle. This innovative public transport system has a number of features which is sure to excite its users every time they travel in it. Its impressive features include aesthetic body design, unique shape and high-tech features like ubiquitous information systems, computer-assisted tourism and platooning. With the public transport in need for a vibrant, sustainable change, this innovative eco-friendly design is sure to inspire many designers to bring this concept into reality.

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