Amazing robot sculptures made from trash

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of landfill waste is to recycle used products into works of art. There are many who are doing their bit for the environment by converting discarded materials into products that have artistic or functional value. Recently we showcased a few chandeliers that were made from recycled materials, and today we bring to you 11 robotic sculptures that stand on recycled bones:


The MotorCycleMan is the creation of designers at RoboSteel. The robotic sculpture is built entirely from recycled motorcycle parts. Standing at nearly 2 meters tall, the sculpture took over 750 hours to construct and features more than a thousand motorcycle parts that are creatively hidden. The sculpture carries parts from a variety of manufactures that include Suzuki and Yamaha, among others.

Giant Styrobot

The Giant Styrobot by Michael Salter stands exceptionally tall at 21 feet and is crafted from recycled Styrofoam. The design has altered the function of this packaging material from a protector of packed contents to bones of a colossal robot that can crush anything under its feet.

DIY Wall-E Robot Toy

Designed by Filth Wizardry, this cute movie character is made from kitchen crap that includes empty yogurt cups, cereal boxes, wrapping paper tubes, empty tape dispensers, a bucket and a plastic drink holder. This version of the Wall-E won’t help you out in any household work but will definitely keep your kids entertained in a green way.

Optimus Prime Replica

This 14-foot-tall replica of Optimus Prime features a chest made from old house windows, a back from old TV roof antennas and a few gears and old tires that might be lying around in a garage.

Autobot Optimus Prime

Autobot’s leader Optimus Prime has been immortalized in this sculpture of metallic junk. Standing at a height of 7 feet and weighing 550 pounds, he is rather heavy on any Autobot fan, costing a staggering $6,900.

Recycled Typewriter Robot

This robot is the creation of Jeremy Mayer and has been crafted from recycled typewriter parts. This robot has been created without using any glue, soldering, welding or any other means of assembly.


The WEEE Man has been created by the British Royal Society of Arts from unwanted electrical equipment. The robot structure weighs exactly 3.3 tons and stands at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Bumble Bee Replica

This Bumble Bee Replica has been created from recycled motorcycle parts.

Speaker Bot

The Speaker Bot is an 18.5-inch robot replica that has been created in electronic scrap. Powered by an adapter, wall socket, batteries or USB, the speaker bot functions well with all kinds of MP3 players and costs $550.

Transformer Robot in Recycled Steel

The transformer robot built out of recycled steel is something literally out of this world for us, but it isn’t all that intricate for these lads at RoboSteel. Made in about 5,000 unique parts of recycled steel, which range from a car parts to television parts, the sculpture’s been welded together and expertly polished to stand firm at over 2.5 meters.

Giant Transformer Robot

This gigantic transformer robot has been created from discarded cars and scrap metal. The giant sculpture is standing outside the town of Yuzhny, approximately 40 km (25 miles) south of the Black Sea port of Odessa, Russia.

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