10 Trendy eco friendly dresses

Eco friendly dresses

Recycled fashion doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, style and sophistication. The designers all over the world are adopting recycling, repurposing and renewing mantra and trying to crate stunning lines of clothes. These recycled dresses have been crafted beautifully by recycling bed sheets, dress shirts, packing foams, old t-shirts jersey and recycled sari. It has been rightly said that the only thing you need to have is creativity and passion, and if you have it you can easily rule the fashion world. The designers have created so many astonishing and beautiful designs like Faux Leather Jackets that it becomes hard to believe that such creative designs could be environment friendly too. Given below are 10 such beautiful environmentally friendly dresses that will surely make you think of buying one.

1. Linen knitted asymmetric tunic dress

Price: $115

Linen knitted asymmetric dress

Tunic dresses are very famous as an easy to wear tops and are known for smart casual dressing. They give nice formal looks and fall in the category of formal attires. Tunic gives femininity and fluidity to the typical dresses making them look gracious and charming. Tunic made up of linen not only makes dresses look prettier but is eco friendly and does not harm environment.

USP: This natural asymmetric party wearing attire is in tunic form made up of linen yarn. They have used natural colors to color the dress. A finishing touch stitching has been done in natural color only. It is worn wrinkled and gives a very relaxed fit due to its oversize.

Pros: It has got an elastic belt to fit people of different waist size and figures. The soft fabric has made it very soft and comfortable to wear. It is made up of 100 percent fine quality washed linen.

Cons: This dress might not suit people who like well fitted and sophisticated dresses. Only natural color is available. Gentle hand wash in cold water and drying on flat surface is recommended to maintain grace of this delicate attire.

2. Eco friendly dress by Synergy


Price: 84.99

Eco friendly dress by Synergy

Organic cotton is created using method and material to leave least impact on or Mother Nature. The production of this type of cotton maintains soil fertility. This cotton is produced without the use of toxic, harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. There are strict rules that must be followed especially in United States to produce cotton. People not following these rules can be punished under Federal Regulations. This is a great step to save environment.

USP: This beautiful ivory dress has detailed designing done with lavender and navy. The designs are prominent on shoulders and front half. It has a stylish marquise shape cut at the back side of it which looks very elegant with tied hair. The dress is 34 inches long and makes perfect party attire.

Pros: Women with different figures can fit into this dress and the dress would look perfectly made for their size because of the elastic band at the waist. The dress is very soft and comfortable because of its 100 percent cotton make over.

Cons: It’s a party wearing dress that might not suit formal occasion as dress length might go short for tall people.

3. Belted short sleeve dress in eco friendly Tencel

Price: $130

Belted short sleeve dress

Nowadays designers are using tensel to create eco friendly dresses. Tencel is a natural fabric made up of wood pulp cellulose from eucalyptus tree. The production of the fabric uses non toxic solvents that do not pose any threat to the environment and are 100 percent recoverable. Another most important and remarkable benefit of Tencel is that it consumes less water as compared to the production of nonorganic cotton.

USP: Belted dress with trendy loose sleeves and side pockets has been completed made up of tencel fabric. Stylish band neck style from front and back gives it a hip touch. Band cuff on sleeves looks pretty. Loose at the top and fitted at the waist this top looks very admirable worn with matching slacks. The total length is around 36 inches.

Pros: The dress has a small zip at the back for easy wearing. The attire is best suited for parties or evening occasions. The dress has belted waist to adjust the size according to your own waist size.

Cons: The dress is available only in one color, i.e., sand color which might disappoint people who love to wear light and vibrant colors. Made up of delicate material therefore hand wash in cold water is recommended.

4. Peacock plumage appliques eco friendly dress

Price: $61.99

Peacock plumage appliqués eco-friendly dress

Organic cotton is used all over the world for making all types of dresses including party wears, soft night wears, formal wears as well as daily wears. This attire by synergy is a soft stylish dress made completely in organic with a little blend of Lycra to impart fitness.

USP: This dress in adorable midnight black looks very elegant and beautiful. It has been beautified using peacock feathers appliques attached in the front as well as at the back. Two peacock appliques are adorned at the front, one at the top and one at the bottom which gives it a very elegant and feminine look. Similar applique is attached at the back top. It makes a perfect one piece dress for party wear with 36.5 inches length.

Pros: The dress in completely eco friendly made up of 95 percent cotton fabric and 5 percent Lycra. It is a perfect party outfit and its dark color looks very eye catch especially in night parties. The fit is very comfortable and stylish. It simple and sober look makes it suitable for all types of occasions.

Cons: This attire has been made keeping ideal figured women in mind which is quite a disappointment for fat or hefty girls.

5. Cherry Blossoms appliqué eco friendly dress

Price: $69.99

Cherry Blossoms applique ecofriendly dress

Manufactured entirely from organic cotton, this crimson red dress can be the perfect wardrobe idea for autumn outings.

USP: Cherry red in color with appliqués towards the lower half and ruched fabric at the waist leave no room for fashion errors making this dress breathtaking.

Pros: Organic cotton rules out the use of any insecticides or pesticides which being harsh chemicals aren’t on the same page with eco friendliness. Cotton as a fabric is ever tender on the skin, making it an excellent choice for summers. Not very prone to wrinkles, it makes up for a perfect outdoor outfit as well when the occasion is such as a family picnic or the like. Twisted straps around the waist impart it a touch of elegance removing any appearance of bagginess.

Cons: The color may be sparingly on the stronger side on a hot, sunny day.

6. Cotton Jersey ecofriendly gypsy dress

Price: $95

Cotton Jersey Ecofriendly Gypsy Dress

Fashion industry has reframed the definition of recycling by creating plenty of dresses using recycled and upcycled fabrics. This dress in 100 percent eco friendly and reflects a unique collage of recycled and reclaimed fabrics, hemp and organic cottons.

USP: This one of its kind dress is completely handmade. It has been created using multiple colored cotton jerseys. The dress has touch of all type of prints be it funky, vintage, tribal or batiks. The dress sets an example of recycling and cultivates a vision of wearable art. It has been crafted using pieces of cotton and organic cotton threads together.

Pros: A very trendy design made in an eco friendly manner to suit fashion freaks. Decorated using exposed stitching which looks very attractive. Easy to wear and very comfortable because of extremely soft cotton jersey pieces. It is a durable and a long lasting dress which could be easily washed in machine and hang dried. The most remarkable feature of this dress is that it could be created at home and could be worn for beach or market or any informal occasion. This loose fit is quite comfortable and can be worn by slim as well as plump ladies.

Cons: The dress is suitable for casual wear but might not suit parties and formal occasion. This dress might not appeal to the people who like sober and simple colors.

7. Black bamboo Marilyn style halter ress

Price: $149.00

Bamboo Marilyn style Halter Dress..

Luxurious looks and eco friendliness walk hand in hand in this 100 percent bamboo material made dress. Bamboo fiber is eco friendly in nature as it can grow in abundance without the use of harmful pesticides, insecticide and synthetic fertilizers. It is 100 percent green and biodegradable in nature. Clothes made up of bamboo fiber are cool and breathable.

USP: This classic dress is available in hot pink bamboo, yellow bamboo, red bamboo and lime green bamboo. This is a perfect summer dress full of style. The black colored piece will be appreciated largely as it suits party occasions. It has a halter style silhouette and looks very elegant with matching bolero jackets. The texture is extremely soft and comfortable. The grace of this dress resembles silk and comfort like a cotton dress. It has fully lined bodice with zip and hook at the back to tighten the fit. The length is approximately 26 inches which accommodates a full circle skirt.

Pros: It is a very comfortable and eco friendly dress that one would love to wear in parties as well as in casual occasions.

Cons: It does not have an elastic waist therefore a perfect fit is required to suit your body structure.

8. Eco friendly body fit amber dress

Price: $136

Eco Skin Amber dress

Voluptuous in style and virtuous in make and finish, this sexy mini outfit is the perfect marriage of style and eco harmony. The dress is an assortment of bamboo, some spandex and tencel all of which make up for the eco friendly element.

USP: Sporting a shirred side and a round neck, this snazzy amber dress can be teamed with some nice necklace and a pair of heels, making it of just the right flavor for vogue endorsed evening selection. This same dress is also available in carmine rose, black and cloud.

Pros: It’s perfect for summer evenings. You can even pull it off at social events involving not so young crowd. It’s not very loud but still doesn’t say that I’m not here to have fun! Gladiator sandals can be fashionable allies to this skin amber dress. A necklace, preferably long in fall can beautifully fill up the clad neckline giving it the characteristic of an essential and obvious accessory.

Cons: Winter may not be the best time to sport off this sexy number despite the desire to show off your toned and gym chiseled form.

9. Hand dyed hemp skirt

Price: $28.50

Hand dyed hemp skirt

Hemp is a name given to the fiber extracted from Cannabis plant. It is a very productive fiber used in many industries like textile, paper, biodegradable plastics, health food and fuel etc. Hemp is eco friendly and does not require pesticides and herbicides. Hemp is among the primitive domestic plants known.

USP: This fancy cosmological light hemp skirt is made of creamy soft hempcel that are hand dyed in several spongy shades of blue and mauve. It has a nice elastic waist which makes it comfortable to wear. Hempcel dress is wonderfully designed and stitched to mwaist.

Pros: Hemp fabric has been able to impart extreme comfort and softness to this pretty dress. It is dyed in eco friendly colors that are not harmful for skin as well as environment. The dying is also done in an eco friendly manner using low impact low water immersion method. It is perfect attire for eco conscious people.

Cons: They are not very convenient for a physical outing and they are not sporty. Might give the impression of over dressed at casual occasions.

10. Light pink wedding bridesmaid dress

Price: $21.00

Light Pink Bridesmaid Dress

Pink is an eternal eye pleaser appreciated at most occasions. The perfect envoy of feminism, a pink bridesmaid dress can make any wedding atmosphere very dainty and colorful. Made up of organic cotton, blended with polyester, the outfit makes for an eco friendly wedding outfit.

USP: It is an ideal strapless dress sporting a delicate outlook. At the same time, if paired with a denim jeans or leather jacket and preferably cowboy boots.

Pros: If paired with a denim jeans or leather jacket and preferably cowboy boots, it can give off a rough and tough look.

Cons: Being strapless, wearing it may suit everyone’s metal and physical comfort.

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