10 Tips to Reduce Your AC’s Energy Bills

Reduce Your AC’s Energy Bills

Every summer, with record heat waves, our energy bills also keep shooting. Turning the AC off is almost impossible and paying exorbitant energy bills remain a huge burden. In this scenario, it becomes imperative to stay cool but still keep the energy cost under control. Wondering how?

Check out our valuable ten tips that help you beat the heat and still save money on your energy bills.

1. Run AC at Cut-Off Temperature

Run AC at Cut-Off TemperatureIt’s a smart idea to run the AC at a cut-off temperature like 24-degrees Celsius instead of 18. Our body temperature is between 36-37 degrees. And any temperature below it would prove comfortable. You should note that for every degree we lower, we use 6 percent more energy that can be easily saved.

2. Check the Energy Efficiency

Check whether your AC is energy efficient and at optimum health. Old ACs will often consume more electricity to burn a hole in your pocket. Switching to the latest AC means better energy-efficient devices and lower energy bills. When compared, they can easily balance out the AC cost and still prove cost-efficient in the long run. If you are yet to buy an AC, buy one with high energy efficiency- that is 5 star rated Split ACs. They consume way less energy than split ACs.

3. Fix the AC at One Temperature

We are all used to fidgeting with the thermostat but fixing it at one temperature proves to be a smart move. It might take time to cool the room, but it keeps you comfortable while saving on your bills.

4. Seal the Doors and Windows

sealing the Doors and WindowsMost of our windows have caulking leaks and cracks that leak out cool air and make your AC works harder. Sealing the door and windows properly will eliminate wastage and lighten the AC’s work considerably.

5. Block off the Sunrays

Sunrays often filter into the room through our doors and windows and more so, if they have glass pane. Shading them or blocking off the sun rays via curtains, etc., keeps the room cool and lessens the work of the AC to lead to reduced energy bills.

6. Use Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

Today, there are plenty of energy-efficient doors and windows available. Installing them does involve an upfront cost, but they go a long way in keeping your energy bills low consistently.

7. Run the fan Along with the AC

Run the fan Along with the ACRunning the fan along with the AC proves to be a great energy saver. The fan helps circulate the cool air uniformly in the room to cool it faster. You can then switch off the AC early and save electricity.

8. Clean the Filters

Dirty ducts and vents make the AC work harder to cool the room. Hence, plenty of electricity gets wasted. But cleaning the filters and getting the AC serviced regularly is the simplest way to reduce the energy bills.

9. Use the Sleep Mode and Timer Feature

It’s easier to manage the AC during the day but difficult during the night. Using the sleep mode and timer feature of the AC turns it off while you are sleeping. Simultaneously, it keeps you cool and comfortable but saves electricity by cutting unnecessary and excessive running of the AC.

10. Check Room’s Humidity

Using a dehumidifierChecking the room’s humidity and allowing it to dictate the cooling settings is a brilliant idea. The AC fans run at max by default for us, but keeping it low on humid days helps the AC eliminate moisture faster from the room to expedite the cooling experience. You can then turn it off quicker and save on your bills. Using a dehumidifier would also ease the burden on AC.

Final words

Most of the tips and measures are effortless to implement and will help you save on your energy bills effortlessly. With them, you can enjoy your summers in a comfortable and pocket-friendly style!

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