10 smart products designed to reduce water consumption in your bathroom

Water Pebble

Water conservation refers to efficient usage of water available and reduce the consumption of water by recycling the waste (gray) water. Water conservation efforts have stepped up all over the world to achieve sustainability, habitat and energy conservation. Many water efficient products have been designed that will not only help to use water beneficially but also to help the environment in the long run. Read on to know about some of smart water gadgets.

1. Home Core

Home Core

Home Core, designed by Dang Jingwei uses an integrated concept with a sink, mirror and a table, all blended together into a single device. Home core stores the gray water in the tank below the sink before the water gets disposed. The flush reuses the gray water. It also has different levels to regulate the water pressure. This is a perfect green tap that helps in conservation as well as in recycling of water.

2. Water Pebble

Water Pebble

You can use Water Pebble which is an excellent water conserving gadget. This device records the water usage in your first shower. It uses this information to guide you, gently flashing its traffic lights that indicate you to stop showering. This gadget helps in reducing your shower time automatically and makes you conserve water unconsciously.

3. EcoDual Washing Machine

EcoDual Washing Machine

This eco-gadget designed by Max Germano helps you reduce washing machine water consumption up to 50 percent. It has two tanks – large and small. Large tank is used for heavy washing while the smaller tank is used for delicate clothes. The goodness of this washing machine does not stop at this. It stores the washed water (gray water) in a separate tank that is below the washer. The gray water is gain filtered and reused for subsequent washings. It comes with a deodorization system which gushes ozone and oxygen, thus keeping the clothes clean and fresh.

4. Harris A’s Gray Water Management System

Harris A’s Gray Water Management System

This system proposes to let the store the sink water that flows into the toilet tank. This water is further used to flush the toilet. Designed by Harris A, this system offers sustainable, practical and affordable ways to conserve and use the water efficiently.

5. Da/Spa Shower

Da/Spa Shower

How about getting a good massage in the shower? Freshen up with Da/Spa Shower and also get a relaxing massage using the recycled water. The filters and electric systems in this shower regulate the water’s temperature and flow. You will use 20 liters of water in the shower thus saving tons of water going down the drain. Although, the concept is eco-friendly, this gadget may use up loads of electricity which is quite unfriendly to the environment.

6. Eden Mist Shower

Eden Mist Shower

This eco-appliance uses the combination of steam and the instant hot water system that gushes water in an economical way. It helps you cut down the usage of water by a whopping sixty six percent. This shower is far superior in comparison with conventional showers in conserving water. Eden mist is made of durable components that give an aesthetic appeal as well as durability to the shower.


Eco Bath

Designed by Jang Woo-Seok, this gadget ensures 50% of water conservation. It stores the gray water and purifies it using the UV purification system. However, this purified gray water mixes with fresh water in the tank. This helps to keep you toilet unclogged and also helps you save water in the process.

8. Gray Water Toilet System

Gray Water Toilet

Alison Norcott has designed a gray water system that not helps in water conservation but also ensures that the drains and toilets are clean. This system uses your shower’s waste water to flush the toilet. However, the nonporous nano-glaze and anti-bacterial coatings ensure that aid it better cleaning and flushing of toilets. While flushing, it also closes the lid of the toilet automatically after flushing.

9. iSAVE Faucet

iSAVE Faucet

This gadget designed by Reamon Yu, has a digital display that indicates the amount of water usage. You can attach it easily attached to a sink or shower-head. This Faucet runs on the energy generated by an inbuilt turbine. Try this gadget to improve your water consumption levels.

10. Twist Tap

Twist Tap

Control the usage of water using Twist Tap. This aerator-controlled faucet controls the water flow making the user to crank and twist to in case the water flow. It also has a digital display that indicates the amount of water used.

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