Zeth: Temporary Solar home with natural insulation

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Seems like ‘Zero Emissions’ has indeed become a key aspect of design of green products, technologies, structures and everything else that intends to go clean in its functioning. Now, how many of these are really and completely ‘zero emission designs’ and can completely offset their carbon emissions is open to investigation. But for now we have no reason to doubt that Zeth is well and truly a zero emissions solar home that is easy to set up and serves immaculately in case of disaster management.

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We have witnessed the huge disaster that has engulfed Japan and has been the center of attention of world and media for the past couple of weeks. It is when disasters like these strike that the necessity of temporary homes that are quick to build, easy to assemble and disassemble, can light up off of a grid and are autonomous to a large extent become vital. Zeth is one such temporary solar home.

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The structure has been built out of local materials and while it might not be suitable for every crisis, it offers a potential ‘long term’ solution to the shelter problem. It can be used for a considerable period of time and its solar panels ensure that you need not wait for power lines to be put back in place for energy needs. Its natural insulation system offers both heating and cooling solutions with shades and air circulation system that keep temperature inside moderate.

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The simple yet highly useful structure can be easily disassembled when people get back to their homes and its components can be either reused or recycled for another purpose and hence the issue of waste and landfills does not arise. The advantage of green energy is not just the fact that it is planet-friendly, but in moments like these it can work ‘off-grid ‘ as well and it is highlighted in such temporary home designs.

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