Why it’s Vital to Think About the Environment When Starting Your Own Business


The impact of the global population’s actions on the planet has always been significant. However, environmental awareness has become a major concern recently. This is largely because 2020 was the joint hottest year worldwide, matching temperatures seen in 2016.

Now, with researchers pointing out that lives could be saved if the UK takes urgent action to combat climate change and President Joe Biden using his first day in power to re-join the Paris Agreement, it’s apparent that it’s essential that we all take responsibility for the environment.

To do this, we need to think about how we live and work. If you’re about to set up your own business, you have the opportunity to do things in an eco-conscious way. In fact, businesses are expected to have an environmental policy now. Here’s a look at why doing this can benefit both the environment and your business.

Reduce your costs

energy-saving office spaceIntroducing a comprehensive recycling and sustainability system across your business can be cost-effective. This is because you’re getting your employees to think carefully before they use paper or supplies and placing any paper that is used into the recycling bins.

Additionally, incorporate a policy that encourages your team to think before they print. Do they need to print off what they’re doing? This will not only save paper, but printer ink, too.

Businesses can also make savings by making other small changes, such as looking at lighting in offices, introducing a smart heating system that only heats the rooms employees are working in, and introducing a greener waste management system. Many business owners aren’t aware of the energy-saving tech that’s available to them, but by doing some research and making some small updates, you could make some significant savings.

DIY around the office

Some of the updates you can make to the office, shop, or place your business is based in can be small jobs that you can oversee. Having a toolkit at the ready means you don’t have to waste resources and energy by calling out experts.

For instance, if you or one of your team could use some simple tools such as nails and a hammer to build wooden recycling bins, this saves on adding plastic bins to the office. It also uses sustainable materials to help reduce waste and reuse supplies.

Look around and see if there are any projects that you could oversee that can make a difference.

Build your brand

green credentialsCustomers are looking for companies’ green credentials. For many, sustainability is important. In 2019, consumers spent £41 billion on goods and services that were dubbed as ‘ethical’, so the market is there.

By going green and showcasing how your business is becoming more environmentally aware, you are revealing your company to be a conscious brand. This can tap into a new customer base and build your reputation.

Make an impression

Prospective employees are also looking for companies that are willing to make changes for the good of the planet. Job roles at businesses that place reducing their carbon footprint front and centre are likely to appeal to workers that want to operate in a more environmentally sustainable way.

This focus on the environment is also likely to help businesses retain talent. Focussing on the environment is a good thing to do, and employees will stick around if they feel they’re working for a good organisation.

Prepare for the future

sustainable futureEveryone needs to do their bit to help combat climate change. By businesses taking the steps now, they are well placed for the future.

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