Which Kinds of Exotic Plants Are Best for a Greenhouse

Which Kinds of Exotic Plants Are Best for a Greenhouse

From flowers to foods, you’ll find that there is a broad range of great things that you could raise in the controlled environment of your indoor nursery to spice things up a bit.

Greenhouses can be an excellent addition to a garden, especially when considering the diversity of flora that can be reared within the glass walls. If you’re interested in making the most of the space you have, it could be well worth looking into some of the different exotic plants that may suit your needs.

Where to find your perfect greenhouse

You’ll find that there are some excellent options on the market for greenhouses, with several quality ones over at From full kits, to spare parts; you’re likely to find everything you need. You’ll find their site here, so be sure to take a closer look into what they have to offer if you’re interested in purchasing a high-quality model.

What exotic plants can you grow in your greenhouse?

You’ll find that some great exotic plants could be just perfect for your indoor gardening needs. Here are just a few of the plants that we think you may want to consider growing in your greenhouse:

  • Heliconiawagneriana – commonly known as Rainbow Heliconia and the Lobster claw flower, these tropical flowers tend to do well in sunlight. Cultivated in Central America, these vibrant flowers are incredibly beautiful and generally do well in greenhouses with tropical climate control
  • Ananascomosus– While there are many kinds of plants in the bromeliad family, we’d suggest growing pineapples (also known as Ananascomosus). Typically, tops will take 24 months to fruit, where slips could fruit in a year
  • Echinocereus – While there are many cacti and succulents to choose from, Echinocereus are generally excellent choices for greenhouses
  • Thai Red Roselle – Also known as Florida cranberry, among other names, the Thai Red Roselle is a plant with breathtaking flowers that can often grow as tall as 7 feet. It’s generally recommended that you start growing this plant indoors, making it a fantastic option

Find out more about how to grow exotic plants in your greenhouse

If you’re interested in learning more about how to install a greenhouse and which plants may be worth growing in it, you may want to pay a visit to

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