What Qualifies a Product to be Green


Green Products

In the past few years there are many products that have hit the market that claim to be green products. However what makes a product green? What are its environmentally friendly attributes and how does it help save the environment. These are very important questions about the products that need to be asked if we want to buy or sell responsibly. One must be serious about saving the environment and conserving it for our future generations. This is because saving our environment and our planet is of utmost importance today.


Need to Save our Environment

Our environment has suffered a lot in the past century. Over pollution, over use of natural resources, depletion of forests and ozone layer, depletion in oxygen as trees decline and climate change are some of the problems facing our planet today. A more sustainable and eco friendly living is the order of the day. There are many products in the market today that claim to be eco friendly. But what makes a product eco friendly. The following are some of the things that make a product eco friendly and qualify it as a green product:

  • The first stage is the raw material that is used to make the product. If the raw materials used are renewable in nature and bio degradable then the product can say it has used green raw materials to make the product. Also products that are made from recycled material and waste are green as it helps to conserve the environment by using the same materials again and again as the need for more raw materials is reduced.
  •  Another aspect of this is that the raw materials must be responsibly and sustainable sourced.  Always buy products like furniture from companies who sustainably source raw materials like wood.
  • Many companies nowadays have eco friendly manufacturing sites. They use renewable sources of energy, do not use harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process and also conserve energy and reduce industrial waste and reduce pollution of air and water in manufacturing processes. There are many innovative techniques that can be used in manufacturing process that reduce the negative impact on environment and also reduce costs of production at the same time. A streamlined production process helps conserve energy and avoid waste.
  • People like to reduce transportation of essential consumer products and buy products that are made nearby. This helps in reducing the pollution caused by transport of goods from one place to another.
  • Another type of eco friendly product is organic products. The fruits and vegetables are organic if the agriculture is done using natural methods and no pesticides and chemicals are used in the agriculture.
  • Another aspect one must keep in mind about green products is that green products when used should not cause any harm to the environment. They must be eco friendly in their use also.

As we saw above there are many parameters that have to be met in order to call a product eco friendly or green. Each product has a set number of parameters that need to be met in order to be green. However the basic principles of being green or eco friendly are conservation of environment, avoiding wastage, using eco friendly raw materials, avoiding pollution of air and water and recycling whatever is possible to converse the natural resources that are limitedly available to us. There are many products in the market today that meet the requirement and qualify as green products. So while making a green product and calling a product green the above parameters need to be kept in mind.


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