Ultra-light wind-powered car outruns wind speed

windpowered car

Eco Factor: Sustainable car uses wind energy to run.

First the Blackbird, then its improved version and now a full-size ultra-light vehicle, it seriously has been a long journey for Rick Cavallaro. With his innovative design, the aerodynamicist, paraglider and kitesurfer succeeded in impressing and obtaining sponsorship from the wind turbine company Joby Energy and Google. Taking help from the aero department of the San Jose State University, the “Faster than the Wind” team constructed an ultra-light vehicle, which mostly comprises of foam.

windpowered car1

The car that reminds you of a Formula 1 racing car reached a top speed of more than 2.85 times faster than the wind when it recently ran at New Jerusalem in Tracy, California. The car’s capability of traveling faster than wind is due to the five-meter high propeller mounted on the back that produces enough thrust to push the car’s wheels beyond the speed of the wind.

Via: Physorg

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