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Trendy and compact solar air purifier-cum-disinfector

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solar air purifier

I recently came across this modern-day gadget, which is a Solar Powered Air Purifier-cum-Disinfector. Well, can you think of any such useful and environmentally safe gadget? I can’t. So, I feel this product is indeed contemporary and distinctive. The best attribute of this product is that it can be conveniently powered either by solar energy or by charging its lithium batteries. The product is handy (can fit well within 20 square meter of available space) and consumes less than 5W of power. With all the latest technology in place, such as Advance active carbon HEPA filter technology, Space capsule plasma purification technology and Nanometer light-accelerating air purification, it can effectively purify or disinfect surrounding air. Other additional features include refreshing the air by anions, effective ozone purification capabilities and a decent input voltage of 12/24V DC.

The product is offered with a few other supplementary items as well. Those include a car re-charger, an adapter, a perfume and filtrate net. Wow! You are getting the complete package of all necessary items along with it for a price of $58.80. Well, at this price, I feel it is quite a bargain.

Source: DealExtreme

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