Mary Slim: The lean, green, mean, pollution fighting luxury boat on water!

mary slim 1
Now, since I use up all the words known to me in the title to qualify this piece of aquatic luxury (Which, by now, you would have known means I have a very limited vocabulary and far more limited imagination), I guess I have nothing else to say. I mean, in trying to sound like ‘Captain Planet’ trying to save the earth I used up all the words for the catchy title (Which I hope at least caught a couple) and I have nothing else to say than that. But then, on second though, I do not get to torture you very often with a wonderful green boat that signifies splendor as much as ‘clean earth’. So I will continue and you read on(Especially since all of you are pleading with me).

Mary Slim luxury boat from Multimarine is probably one of the most posh and stylish ways to go green. You can just go out and buy this super boat and also boast about how eco-conscious you are. It basically serves you in two ways. One is the obvious fact that you own a magnificent looking boat and secondly you can even gloat about how you are saving the planet and doing it a favor by throwing some big cash around. Mary Slim is specifically designed to reduce fuel consumption. If you are thinking ‘Diesel’ when I say fuel then you are wrong again. The boat actually works on Biofuel. With airlines trying to take off on the wings of biofuel, I suppose it is high time one can use it to tame the seas too.

mary slim 2

The hull is very thin and long, reducing the drag of the boat and thus, its need for gas. So, basically you call it ‘Slim’. So why do we still call is ‘Mary Slim’. Why because the makers wife/girlfriend are named Mary. Why else do you think? I mean, all girls are like that and if you pick any other name, they would most definitely kill you or take you to court filing divorce and take away half your property. (Ya, I know… Death is better.) Other green elements include the fact that it can be powered by kite or sail and has eliminated chemicals that remove barnacles and algae. So if you have a windy port, then you can go out and have fun.

Anyway let not all my nonsense take you away from the point. The boat is truly green and if you have that kind of cash to splurge around, then you might want to throw your next weekend party on it. It sports a 2-cylinder engine and 1650 horsepower motor, so you will not have to worry about power. It is simple one-on-one aerodynamics integrated with some modern thinking and a tad bit of creativity. Is it the ultimate green boat? No. But is it green enough for me? Yes. Hell, in the position I am in, I would take anything that floats on water and does not have a hole in it.

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