Top five ways to adapting an environment friendly meal

If you are interested in going green then you need to also look into ways by which you can change your meals to be more eco-friendly. Let us look at some ways, which will help you make delicious food that will also be environment friendly.

Clipboard01Make use of organic ingredients:

Organic food is grown with no synthetic pesticides, genetic modification, fertilizers, ionizing radiation or sewage sludge. In addition to it, organic farms reduce pollution, utilize less water and are environmentally sustainable. Organic food is also considered more nutritious and more people nowadays including many chefs are inclined towards use of organic food since they believe it tastes better as well.


Free Range Animal Products:

Hormone free, free range and organic animal products are few of the names given to animals raised at places where these animals are ethically treated and in these farms the animals can go outdoors in addition to getting balance diet. The other special features of these free-range animals are that they are provided organic feed as well as pasture fed. These animals are not given growth hormones or any other antibiotics. Organic farms also ensure that diseases are minimized by implementing rotational grazing and other similar measures. There is a common opinion that these free-range animal products are superior as compared to others.


Do not Use Extra Packaging:

If possible always try to bring your basket, make bulk purchase and purchase products which have least packaging. You also need to find products, which have environmentally safe packaging such as bio plastic or recycled paper. Best is to take your tote bag while going for shopping so that you do not have to use plastic bags.


Eat Seasonal Vegetables:

If you are looking for eco-friendly meals, then eat seasonal food items. You may be tempted to select ingredients from around the world but seasonal items will be a lot fresher and have less impact on environment in the form of cross-country shipping.



As per EPA, 24% of solid waste in the US is organic matter and by composting, we make natural fertilizer out of it. There are now composting bins available that can be used at home be it a one with a large lawn in front or a small apartment. Common waste that you can make compost from includes things like vegetable skins, eggshells, tealeaves and coffee grounds.


We can contribute to save the environment in several ways, and adapting to eco-friendly ways in our meals is one such way.

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