Top 6 Plants to Keep in a Study Room for Clean Air, Luck, and Productivity

Top 6 Plants to Keep in a Study Room for Clean Air, Luck, and Productivity

If you take a peek into a typical student’s space, you will rarely notice plants there. Whether living in a dorm or renting an apartment, only a few students buy plants to decorate their place. The majority of them just don’t think of it. But that’s in vain.

Despite a common belief, plants are more than just decor elements. They bring fresh air to the space and positively affect one’s health and brain function. On top of that, in many cultures, different plants are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and other benefits. So, keeping a plant in your study space isn’t just about decorating it.

But what plants should you choose?

If you are not really a plant enthusiast and don’t know much about it, we have you covered. In this article, an expert writer from a trusted essay help service for students talks about the top six plants to pick for a study room!

1.  Lucky Bamboo

This plant looks super stylish with its bamboo-like stems that can take many different shapes. Lucky Bamboo’s stems can be straight and curved with almost no leaves, and it can also have flush foliage. So, everyone can pick the one that fits into their interior. Apart from the good look, this plant is known for its preference for low light and reasonably simple care. It is very adaptable, so every student should be able to take care of it.

The main reason you should keep it in your study space is that it is known for being able to filter hazardous pollutants from the air inside the room just as Essay-Reviews filters out good essay writing services for you and creates selections of the best essay writing service review. Therefore, if you put it where you study, there always will be clean and fresh air, which will positively affect your productivity.

2.  Money Plant

Another great plant to keep in your study room is Money Plant. It is one of the most popular indoor plants people use as decor. But just like Lucky Bamboo, this plant has much more to it than just an intriguing appearance. First of all, it is known for adding refined air to a room while also being relatively easy to take care of. And that’s not all.

While Money Plant, of course, can’t grow money, it is believed to bring positive energy and luck. Due to this reason, it is widely used in FengShui. It is also thought to have a powerful effect on its owner’s financial well-being. So, it is a great option for students.

3.  Spider Plant

The next option, Spider Plant, is a great plant for students because it is one of the simplest to cultivate indoors. In the meantime, it looks quite fun and can style your study room.

Apart from its fun appearance, this plant is also often mentioned in eastern culture. It is believed to bring good health, well-being, and luck to its owner. On top of that, Spider Plant also boosts air quality inside the room and symbolizes stability in life.

4.  Snake Plant

The reasons to get a Snake Plant for your study space are many. First, it provides high-quality oxygen in the room and removes dangerous pollutants, including toluene, xylene, etc. So the Snake Plant can significantly improve your brain function during study sessions and overall well-being.

According to FengShui, the spikey leaves of the Snake Plant can protect the area and its inhabitants from negativity and bring in positive energy instead. However, it needs to be placed in the right spot. Nevertheless, even if FengShui isn’t your thing, this plant still looks cool and can be used solely for air-purifying and decorating purposes.

5.  Poinsettia

This bright red, blossoming plant can’t help but bring a sense of festive feeling to the room. If you look at it, it can remind you of Christmas. So, putting it into your study area is a great way to decorate it and create a more pleasant, festive atmosphere. However, that’s not the only reason to choose Poinsettia.

This plant is known for its capacity for enhanced oxygenation of space. Therefore, many believe it can positively affect one’s mental health, energy levels, and mood. As a result, many people tend to keep it in their offices to improve attention and performance. So, if you want to make your study space stylish and, at the same time, create the right atmosphere for productive study sessions, Poinsettia is a wise choice!

6.  Jade Plant

Jade Plant is a succulent. They are incredibly popular these days, and they have many benefits. First of all, they are fairly easy to take care of and, at the same time, look great in any interior. Also, the Jade Plant’s leaves have the capacity to conserve water, so it doesn’t have to be watered too often. And it also can survive tough temperatures. So, it is a good plant for busy students.

Lastly, the Jade Plant is also often mentioned in FengShui. It is believed to nourish the area’s “chi,” which stands for positive energy. Also, it is traditionally used as a gift to business owners because it represents prosperity and wealth.

The Bottom Line

While plants are widely used for decorating any indoor and outdoor space, they also offer much more than aesthetics. They can bring more oxygen into the room, purify the air from dangerous pollutants, and, thus, positively affect your well-being, mood, and productivity. Therefore, having a plant in your study room is never a bad idea.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the best plant for your study space. Use it as a guide for brightening up your room with a purpose!

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