Top 5 Eco-Friendly Applications to Help You Live a Greener Life

Eco-Friendly Applications to Help You Live a Greener Life

Given the looming threats and appalling consequences of abuse of the environment, scientists warn people that saving our planet shouldn’t be viewed simply as a hobby anymore. Each and every living person now needs to employ all tools available to change the ecological situation. While such global changes as improving energy efficiency or repairing natural sites might be too difficult a task for an ordinary consumer, there are ways you can make a difference in your own city or country. And modern technologies can help you with this. Below is the list of applications and websites that can go a long way in helping you live a greener life and contribute to environmental protection.

If you want to help the environment, you can try and design an eco-friendly solution on your own. You can also view available custom development options and get your app built by professionals.

1. Olio

People tend to buy tons of things they might not need or need for a short period of time. Undoubtedly, this takes its toll on the environment. Olio is a great tool that helps us become more conscious consumers and make wiser purchasing decisions. You can use Olio every time you want to share something you currently have in excess. All you need to do is take a photo of an item or product you want to share. People nearby that are also using this app will get a notification and might want to avail themselves of what’s on offer.

Today, Olio not only helps promote mindful consumption but also supports vulnerable households during the pandemic.


Much has been said about the detrimental impact of plastic on our environment. But Mother Earth is also suffering from paper litter. People tend to scatter around mindlessly. It’s not a secret that paper litter that comes in the form of catalogs, flyers, and brochures have toxins that pollute soil and water. So, if you want to reduce the amount of paper junk, consider using PaperKarma. This application can help you quickly unsubscribe from unwanted mails. Just photograph the mail you no longer want to receive and upload the file with PaperKarma. Shortly after that, your address will be removed from the mailing lists of specified companies and won’t need to rack your brains trying to figure out what to do with all those heaps of paper junk.


Now you can help the environment every time you search for goods and services in your browser. For this, install the dedicated Ecosia extension in Chrome and embark on your personal tree-planting quest. Ecosia uses part of their search profits to plant trees where they are needed the most. Thus, the areas destroyed by wildfires or most affected by deforestation will receive a chance to restore local ecosystems and native vegetation. It’s also good to know that Ecosia publishes annual reports where they provide detailed information on how they have spent money obtained from your searches. Thus, you can see how many trees and where were planted, and how much money the company has spent on that.


Today, lots of fashion designers try to make their clothes from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and wool. And people make a great contribution to saving ecology by choosing the brands that care for the environment. Still, there is another effective way to reduce consumption – to buy used clothes. A good place to start searching for your ideal second-hand dress or costume is ThreadUp. This application can help you quickly sell or buy quality second-hand clothes that can satisfy even the choosiest customer. The platform also offers personal styling services. Thus, you can get expert advice on how you can spruce up your style and refresh your wardrobe for an affordable styling fee.

You can also donate some of your clothing items to ThreadUp and become part of the conscious consumer community. Here, you can also find great purchase discounts on high-end second-hand items and order goody box delivery to your doorstep.

5. Too Good To Go

If you hate the idea of wasting tons of quality food, you just need to install Too Good to Go. This application helps restaurants, cafes, bistros, supermarkets, and fast-food outlets save food that would be otherwise thrown away. Too Good to Go connects millions of people with restaurants and grocery stores that offer discounted leftover food. By purchasing meals with Too Good to Go, you drastically reduce the amount of food waste and help save the environment.

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