Three Eco Friendly Supplies You Need in Your Office


If you are looking to upgrade your office supplies, why not opt for environmentally friendly materials and minimize your carbon footprint while you’re at it? Office supplies can be easily made with sustainable materials and there are numerous companies on the market today dedicated to making high quality supplies that are good for your office and the environment alike. Whether you are a school teacher looking to reduce your carbon footprint in the classroom or just looking to update your home office with supplies that are recycled or made sustainably, you have options! Here are a few of the best pieces of sustainably made, environmentally friendly supplies to keep in your office.

1.  Notely Recycled Notebooks

When most people think of eco-friendly office supplies, the first thing that comes to mind is likely notebooks, since they can be so easily made from recycled or sustainably sourced paper. Notely is a carbon neutral company that makes eco-friendly notebooks set with 100% recycled paper and non toxic inks. Plus, these notebooks come in a variety of colors and designs! Whether you need to take notes or keep records, keeping these notebooks handy is a must.

2.  Dharma Door Pouch Bag

High quality storage options are important for any office space. Whether you need to organize assignments or medical records from, Dharma Door creates durable, handwoven pouch bags. These bags are ethically-made and are perfect for storing documents or protecting books or even a tablet or small laptop. This pouch can easily be taken on the go, making it easier for you to stay organized while helping out the planet.

3.  Sprout Pencils

Pencils are another example of office supplies that can be easily made sustainably, since they can be made from recycled materials. Sprout sets themselves apart from their competitors by being the world’s only plantable pencils. This patented pencil can be planted in soil when it is too small to use, and will sprout as a plant. This is a fun approach to sustainability and is perfect for use in a classroom setting, or just for anyone who might want to add a few plants to their office in the future.

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