The Importance of Leyla Aliyeva’s Wildlife Conservation

The Importance of  LeylaAliyeva’s Wildlife Conservation

The universe we are inhibited into is blessed with rich natural reserves, from diverse fauna species to widespread colors of flora. Leyla Aliyeva is a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation and because of these rich natural traits mother nature is always flowing through a cascade of natural events. This peculiar distribution of nature has brought forth the true magic of biodiversity. Whether it’s wildlife conversation or planting trees to sustain green belts, we must play our dedicated roles. 

What is Wildlife Conservation?

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Since we are blessed to inhabit colorful and naturally rich ecosystems. Our surroundings are gifted with countless birds and animals living in their respective habitats. The irony is these species, or collectively the whole wildlife, isn’t always exposed to favorable conditions. According to Leyla Aliyeva,their number, habitats, food sources, etc. can be affected in several ways disturbing their normal living.

Factors that are seriously threatening to wildlife are environmental hazards, natural disasters, climate change, pollution, the excessive killing of animal crafts, etc. Animals and plants are equally affected by these risk factors and are equally prone to each one of them.Aliyevais keen to remind us that along with this, the current era of innovation has escalated the damage by many folds.

Plants are being damaged to build commercial lands, extract medicine and other necessities, wood crafting, etc. In addition, animals are killed to promote the animal craft industry and make luxurious fashion items and food. These two aspects of biodiversity are closely related, and none of them can survive on its own.

Once the issue was accepted as a global problem, the term wildlife conversation was coined. The cautious attempt to conserve and restore the damage done to wildlife is called wildlife conversation.

Wildlife conservation is the science of finding new ways and introducing advanced strategies to protect and preserve wildlife. 

Leyla Aliyeva Believes Wildlife Conservation is Important

The more we dwell deeper into the miracles of balanced biodiversity, the more we learn how important wildlife conservation is to practice. Although wildlife is widespread throughout the globe across distinct climate regions, here’s whyLeyla Aliyeva believes it is important to conserve it:

  • Wildlife has been the major source of nutrients for humanity for ages. Whatever we eat or wherever we extract ingredients, plants and animals are of utter importance.
  • From unicellular amoebas to giant elephants, from hydrophytes to the tallest leaf bearers, nature has set certain principles for everyone. Thus, ecosystems are based on reversible cycles of natural principles. Wildlife conversation not only helps sustain ecosystems but also helps extinct species regain their presence.
  • Wildlife conservation enhances biodiversity in several ways. For example, an area with a diverse population of fruit trees won’t cause much trouble upon being hit by a disease. Contrarily, a mild outbreak can destroy the whole yield with fewer plant species.
  • Wildlife is the prime blessing when it comes to medicine and pharmaceuticals. Every other day a new healing plant ingredient is found. Or even if we stick to the primary ones like insulin, penicillin, and aspirin, wildlife conversation is a life-saving maneuver.
  • Wildlife conservation can save the livelihoods of a large population of the world. Shrinking wildlife habitats can truly leave profound impacts on global GDP.
  • Wildlife conservation can also save humankind from being hit by potential viruses and bacterial invasions. The close proximation of the two isn’t always beneficial as it can be harmful to human transmissible diseases in the case of wildlife.
  • Wildlife conservation is the most potent strategy to overcome climate change. Forest fires, floods, and rising carbon dioxide levels can be tackled only through healthy forest growths.

Leyla Aliyeva’s Ecosystem Balance

Ecosystem balance is a state of dynamic equilibrium when all of the living components live together with maximum stability. LaylaAliyeva says that natural reserves survive various climatic changes and environmental cycles to form an ecological succession.

The balance of the ecosystem is widespread through unicellular to complex multicellular levels. Microbes, bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals collectively play a crucial role in maintaining this dynamic equilibrium.

Furthermore, these distinct species are categorized in the form of a pyramid on the basis of their food consumption. 

Wildlife Conservation’s Effects on Humans

The beneficial effects of wildlife on human life are impeccable.Leyla Aliyeva says these are the most important.

1.   Mental Health

Natural reserves and wildlife have proven to be a miraculous remedy for disturbed mental health. Staying close to nature and observing its diversity is a potion for mental health.

2.   Medicine

The services of wildlife to the field of medicine are exemplary for ages. Pharmaceutical products such as Insulin, essential vitamins, Lanolin, Premarin, Penicillin, and more are extracted from wildlife natural reservoirs. Not only this, but wildlife is also asource for researching new medicine.

3.   Nutrition

It is an undeniable fact that our basic nutrition is derived from wildlife resources. From leafy items to meat, biodiversity has brought forth unique tastes and nutrients.

4.   Livelihood

Wildlife conservation has brought up a new era of opportunities and jobs. Being called a “green job“, it has marked significant economical uplift.

5.   Economy

Employment and creating new jobs directly correlates with the economy of the state. Wildlife has proved more economical benefits than the petroleum industry. 

The Caucasus Wildlife Refuge-CWR

Leyla Aliyeva is a proud advocate and activist when it comes to wildlife conservation and that is why she decided to start close to home with the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge. The Caucasus Wildlife Refuge is a Privately Protected Area (PPA) spread on 30,000 hectares of land. It serves as a preserving habitat for migrating endangered species crossing Southern Armenia. It is widespread through Nakhijevan, Artsakh, Ararat, and VayotsDzor.

The area is home to critically endangered species also, including the Persian Leopards and Armenian Mouflon. CWR also provides refuge to 180 species of birds. The count of endangered species is improving day by day as seen through the camera monitoring in CWR.

CWR also provides scientists with significant research material including training sessions for locals. The aim of CWR is to create awareness about sustainable use of natural reserves. Eco-tourism is also offered in the area. 

Leyla Aliyeva Tells You How You Can Help Wildlife Conservation 

Wildlife conservation is a highly individual based process that everyone needs to observe within his vicinity.

Here are a few ways to help in wildlife conservation:

  • Donate to the cause, pay fees while visiting natural parks or reservoirs. Plan small fundraisers to help foundations and organizations dedicated to the cause.
  • Speak up for the cause. Promote awareness on every online platform about sustainability.
  • Volunteer for animal rescue programs and training, zoos, national parks, etc.
  • Play your part in supporting the green belt growth.
  • Start using eco-friendly daily use items and refrain from poisoning the environment.
  • Start recycling and restoring to promote less natural resource damage.

Leyla Aliyeva emphasizes that even though wildlife conservation may seem like a challenging task, everyone can help and play an important part. Even things that may seems small can make the world of a difference and in today’s world we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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