Swift Fuel: A safe and eco friendly alternative to other fuels

next6 F23qi 11536 This is the age of environment consciousness. With environment friendly electric cars dominating the scene, this special fuel from Swift Enterprises should not go unnoticed. This fuel is actually a better alternative to gasoline and other aviation fuels. Named as the Swift Fuel, this magic fuel has 15-20% more energy gallon than gasoline. The idea behind this is simple-it creates fuel from synthetic hydrocarbons extracted from biomass, thus proving to be a safe eco-friendly alternative to other fuels. The best part is that it works with hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals as new components in fuel cells and propellants. The founder of Swift Enterprises, John Rusek a professor of Aeronautics says,

Our fuel should not be confused with first-generation bio-fuels like E-85, which don’t compete well right now with petroleum.For general aviation aircraft, range is paramount. Not only can our fuel seamlessly replace the aviation industry’s standard petroleum fuel, it can outperform it.

It has no sulfur emissions and requires no stabilizers. Also, it has a considerably 30-degree lower freezing point. With all this and more, I think aircrafts should be filled with this wonder fuel. Source: Next Energy News

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