Sustainable Theatre Practices: Spotlight on the Shaftesbury Theatre

Sustainable Theatre Practices Spotlight on the Shaftesbury Theatre

The Shaftesbury Theatre, a venerable institution in theatrical history, is making headlines for its commitment to sustainability. With over a century of hosting theatrical productions, the Grade II listed Theatre is now taking centre stage in environmental responsibility.

Setting the Scene for Sustainability

The Shaftesbury acknowledges the environmental impact of its productions and is undertaking a significant transformation for a greener future. The Theatre’s sustainability initiatives are geared towards ensuring a sustainable legacy for generations of theatre-goers.

Key Initiatives

1.    Paperless Tickets

Reducing paper wastage in theatre is a must, so all the Shaftesbury’s tickets are delivered digitally to keep the process of attending the show paper-free.

2.    Focusing on Energy Efficiency

The Theatre has implemented energy-efficient measures, including updated lighting systems and eco-conscious heating boilers, resulting in a substantial reduction in its carbon footprint.

3.    Reducing Water Wastage

The installation of new toilets has not only improved user experience but also saved over 8 million litres of water annually. Renovation practices focus on repurposing and reusing materials, promoting recycling among audiences.

4.    Efficient Heating

The innovative air conditioning system minimizes energy use while maintaining audience comfort, drawing fresh air from the top of the building and utilizing a heat exchange system.

5.    Sustainable Partners

The Shaftesbury’s partnerships with BrewDog and Hawkes Cider showcase its dedication to sustainability, supporting carbon-negative practices and combating food wastage.

Looking Ahead

Joining the Mayor of London’s Climate Challenge in 2023, The Shaftesbury is poised for further advancements to become net zero carbon by 2030. Plans include exploring air-source heat pumps, photovoltaic solar panels, solar water heating panels, and battery storage systems for self-generated power.

Read more about The Shaftesbury’s efforts in sustainability here, or check out what’s on at this historic West End theatre.

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