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Sustainable Ocean Living – Sea power could solve the energy crises

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It may sound like science fiction, but Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is an idea whose time has come. Energy Islands offer a sustainable ocean living, these islands are floating modular renewable energy platforms that incorporate photovoltaics, solar thermal towers, wave energy, ocean current energy turbines, wind turbines, and OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion). Each island would be built on a floating platform and at its centre would be a plant that converts heat from the tropical sea into electricity and drinking water. Below deck would be marine turbines to harness energy from underwater currents and around the edge floating devices to provide wave power.

Vegetable farms and homes for workers will complete the colony and the power will be piped back to be used on the nearest populated land mass.It is estimated that each island complex could produce 250MW. It would take more than 50,000 installations to satisfy current world demand for energy. There are many similar concepts working towards sustainable ocean living, projects like the Seascape one and Aquarius which will create an environment for healthy living truly worthy of the best community planning has to offer and one that remain an example for future generations.

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