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Imagine a village powered and sustained by the sun!

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When we all agree on the point that we are going for an energy show down in the near future, what remains for us is to find alternate energy sources. Solar energy looks like one of the most inevitable energy resources for us but till now, we had seen solar energy used in bits and pieces. However, the new Solar Village by Rolf Disch uses solar energy in regular day-to-day life.

The Solar Village can generate plus energy, meaning produce more than they need to utilize. The complete range of houses gets their energy from the all-powerful Sun. There are solar heaters and solar energy plants for generating both heat energy and electricity, respectively. The house roof are mounted with PV panels for better conservation so solar energy. The people who generate more power also get a higher profit and the rest is distributed to all in the community. In case the community requires more energy, then hey use a power station fuelled with wood-chip. Both the winter and summer sun are used intelligently. The energy is stored in the grid and used when required.

All the houses in the Solar Village have common space for garden and play areas. The houses seem to have the required amount of green and are not at all clumsy. Looks like these houses are ‘green’ to the very word. The Solar Village houses look quite inviting and promising.

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