Solar Cooker is a solution for emergency

Cheng-Tsung Feng’s Solar Cooker is a portable and easy-to-use cooker. It can be set up quickly at any location including refugee camps to heat up water or bake foods. The creator has planned the solar-powered cooker for emergency situations. With two pots can be placed on the solar cooker at a time, it can accommodate several people, at least in a sunny day.

Portable Solar Cooker for D.A.

The Solar Cooker utilizes the solar heat directly to cook foods. It is not a method of gathering solar energy and using any electronic cooker to fire up. Cheng-Tsung has developed the cooker, which looks like a satellite antenna that can harness heat and light from the sun to bake foods in a matter of minutes.

The National Taiwan University of Science & Technology researcher has specially designed the solar cooker to address emergency situations. Since the cooker is portable and user-friendly, it will widely help victims of a disaster. The cooker can be set up in refugee camps to prepare foods right away. It can be assembled quite easily and its operation is also simple.

The Solar Cooker’s mirror metal paraboloid modulates sunlight and heat coming down vertically to the focus. The pots, which are specially set up on the focus, absorb solar power to heat up the foods inside them. Solar energy is the most abundant power available across the world. Hence, the Solar Cooker is a great invention since thousands of people can get its support especially in time of emergencies. Check out the video below to know more of the Solar Cooker.

Via: WordlessTech

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