Snow Castle of Kemi is world’s largest snow castle

snow castle of kemi finland 5784
When I was at Minus 5 in Sydney, I could brrrrr….barely sustain that much icy ambiance for 30 minutes. So the thought of living in an Ice castle makes me stiff freeze right here on my desk. But if you fancy living in a castle made of ONLY ICE then sweetie you got to visit the Snow Castle of Kemi in Finland. Touted as the biggest in the world, it’s rebuilt right from scratch every winter with the first time in 1996. Gosh that much of toil! The hotel sits on between 13,000 to 20,000 square meters of ground, depending on which year it is built. Every year, the architecture is completely different. Three features remain however, these are: a chapel, a restaurant and a hotel. How about spending a night there? The ice bed may not hot but comfortable cool. Even if the temperature inside is below zero, one can actually sleep there very well. More images after the jump….

snow castle 5784
snow castle2 5784
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