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Simple tips to do your laundry the green way

by Ecofriend1874


Everything that we do affects our environment. Though it might seem quite improbable, the way you do your laundry can have acute negative effect on the environment. A lot of heat is produced to heat the water for washing clothes and then, this water is carelessly released through drains. The cloth driers also produce lots of heat that can affect the environment. With so many driers working around us every day, their impact on raising the average temperature of the world is not at all negligible. Harsh chemicals and detergents can also cause water pollution if we don’t take safety measures. A little change in your daily laundry routine, however, can be a positive step toward keeping our planet clean and green.

Go green with these easy to follow laundry tips:

Detergent vs. Soap

Before the Second World War, animal fat and vegetable oils were use to make soaps for washing our clothes. During the wars, cheaper substitutes like petroleum oils were used to make the detergents. Ever since, chemicals have been used for making detergents. Soaps are less harmful as they are made with natural fats. Buy cloth-washing products after checking the ingredients and comparing the percentage of harmful chemicals with different brands. Liquid detergents don’t contain phosphate and they are more environmentally friendly. Before putting your clothes and water inside the washing machine, put the detergent powder inside it so that it is totally dissolved. While washing clothes, dissolve the washing powder in hot water before adding it to the cold water. Stop using the chlorine bleach; switch to oxygen bleach and natural dyes instead.

Temperature Control

To get rid of stains easily, wash your clothes in cold water and then wash them once more in 130°F water. Use hot water only if the clothes are too much soiled or dirty. Rinsing your clothes in cold water saves energy and money both.

Use your cloth dryer optimally

The best idea is to air dry your clothes. Line dry your clothes, and peg them properly. The cloth drying machines emit tons of CO2 if even used thrice a week. If you cannot stop dryers completely, try to dry some of the clothes by hanging them in lines. Clean the lint filter at least once a week so that the dryer takes less time for drying clothes. Buy dryers which have moisture sensor.

Check the number of loads

Every time you fill your washing machine, it uses up more than 40 gallons of water. With water shortage all over the world, this is not a small amount. Try to decrease the number of times you load your washing machine each week.

Avoid dry cleaning

Dry cleaners use Perchloroethylene, which is very harmful for the environment. So, try to stop sending your clothes to dry cleaners too often.

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