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Simon Lee’s recycled plastic guitars strike a green chord

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With everyone and their mother going green at an alarming rate these days, there will soon come a day when there will be no eco-criminals left for kiddie cartoon heroes to clobber. But we’re glad at this development and we’re even gladder someone found a use for those menacing plastic cups sold at coffee vending machines. Shunning the much glamorized exotic hardwoods, Simon Lee makes guitars from those cups along with other recycled food industry plastics and even off-cuts of industrial pipes, giving upcycling a whole new definition. Though the neck on these stunning creations is still made in wood, Simon makes it a point to source materials locally where possible. Retailing for £815 each, the guitars are really not all that cheap, but considering the service they do to the cause of saving the planet, that’s just money well spent!

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Source: Smart Planet

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