Should You Build a Conscious Business to Save the Future?

Build a Conscious Business to Save the Future

Empathy is the glue that holds societies together. Unfortunately, in recent years, it appears to have become increasingly rare all over the world. While it’s overwhelming to catalog all the various reasons for an increasingly disharmonious world, the effects of social conflicts, chaos, and clashes are blatantly obvious.

Perhaps it’s time for us to realize that our last best hope to arrest worldwide cultural devolution is by looking at business differently. Unless we work together, our world will continue to drift away from ordered societies into chaotic ones.

Those who have embraced the idea of building benevolent business models to replace exploitative paradigms have started a movement dubbed “conscious business.”

What Is a Conscious Business?

A conscious business considers the well-being of people and the planet rather than profit alone. Its humanitarian philosophy supports the belief that human beings have intrinsic value beyond their economic value as consumers. Beyond this common theme, there are no strict rules on what makes an organization conscientious.

Conscious companies express their core values in diverse ways. Some are committed to sustainability, others to building win-win relationships with employees, suppliers, communities, and customers. 

3 Examples of Conscious Businesses

Here are some examples of conscious businesses:

1. Energy Conservation

eco-Conscious Insulation

Attic insulation is an important aspect of home improvement because it encourages energy conservation. Companies like Attic Construction, for example, provide Phoenix insulation installation to save homes from costly heating and cooling costs. Their work keeps homes warm and cozy or cool and comfortable while conserving energy and cutting costs.

2. Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming optimizes natural ecosystems by practicing the biodiversity of plants and animals. This type of farming is more sustainable than the traditional methods because it promotes soil protection and water regulation.

3. Socially Conscious Retailing

TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes introduced the idea that it is possible to run a profitable business while donating products. This shoe retailer gave away a pair of shoes to those in need for every pair that was bought. Although they’ve since changed their donation model, they showed the world that a business can be both profitable and generous. They now focus on giving a third of their companies’ profits to causes such as putting an end to gun violence. Impressed by the example set by TOMS, Warby Parker, an eyewear company, began giving away one pair of glasses for every pair purchased. 

Benefits of a Starting a Conscious Businesses

A conscious business is a for-profit company that upholds humanitarian values.

Here are three ways starting a conscious business could make a positive impact in the world and build a sustainable future.

#1: Your conscious business could impact your employees by providing them with a work-life balance. You would demonstrate by example — rather than simply give lip service to the idea — that employees are associates.

#2: Your conscious business could impact consumers by reducing your environmental footprint and minimizing waste. You would set an example of how to go about building a sustainable future.

#3: Your conscious business could impact your investors by increasing profits while also making ethical decisions when it comes to the environment and social justice. You would prove that it’s possible to make a profit without resorting to predatory business practices.

Build a Conscious Business and Create a Better World

Sustainable Business

Companies today are much more aware of how their business operations impact consumers and the world. Starting with reinventing relationships with stakeholders, businesses are waking up to the idea that a “win-win” situation is possible. If you’re thinking of starting a business, consider the many benefits of launching a conscious business—one that does a world of good.

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