Self-sufficient Tata Tower offers vertical parking for 4,050 EVs

tata tower 1

Eco Factor: Vertical EV parking system features photovoltaic louvers, wind turbines and an algae farm.

Aiming to take on the problematic issue of parking in Mumbai, India, Seth Ellsworth & Jayoung Kim have designed a residential community that will also behave as a vertical parking tower for electric vehicles. Envisioned for the year 2030 when parked cars will cover nearly 25% of the city, the “Tata Tower” is a vertical parking system that would accommodate 4,050 cars, freeing up ground area for use as green space.

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The building will include 930 residences for employees of Tata, the largest automaker in India. It will incorporates as many eco-friendly features as possible to offer a healthy and green future living. It will include a handful of renewable energy features like photovoltaic louvers, building-integrated wind turbines, tri-generation, and an algae farm that would be used to power itself and the cars. It is expected that the Tata Tower holds the potential to become a landmark for the city and will stand as a model for sustainable vertical parking for the world.

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Via: Inhabitat

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