Portable Toilets: An Eco-friendly way to get rid of waste

portable toilets that save the environment

One of the major problems plaguing the environment today is the improper disposal of waste. The problem is rapidly gaining momentum with the increase in population. Japan has come up with an innovative solution to deal with the problem of disposing of human waste. The name of the solution is Portable Toilets, also known as biolets. This has ben the brainchild of a non-profit organization called the Fujisan Club which brought the first biotoilets to Mt. Fuji at the beginning of this decade.

The brand of biolets installed on Mt. Fuji is Bianics Toilet made by Toyokogyo Co. With growing interest in biotoilets, other Japanese companies are also joining in the “movement”. And the boitoilets on Mt. Fuji have so far made it up to the seventh station, where they will be in operation by the next climbing season. The working of the biolet sounds impressive. These eco toilets use bacteria to decompose human waste into carbon dioxide, water, and other “innocuous compounds,” releasing no foul odor, water or sludge.

Bianics uses a 3-step process. To begin with, water is added to the waste, then it goes through a layer containing baceria to begin decompsoition, and finally it goes through a third layer where cedar chips and the microorganisms with the chips aid in the final decoposition, leaving just carbom dioxide and water.

Cleaning of waste materials is needed once a year, in a fashion similar to other toilets. If objects like tissue paper are thrown by mistake, they are prevented by the screen and removed later.

This product is not only used for toilet, but can also be used for treating other organic materials.It needs only reactor tank and thus is very cost-effective.

What a simple yet effective way of doing away with toxic human waste! The world is definitely going to be a cleaner place of all the countries adopt similar systems.

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