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Pine flooring: The most eco friendly flooring option one can ever have

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Many people are now opting for eco-friendly floors and pine has emerged as the most preferred choice for home flooring as it is very versatile and easy to maintain. The texture of soft patina and rich glow of pine can instantly transform a room into a warm and friendly place. The good thing about pine is that it ages very well and looks better with each passing year. With bare pine floors, one need not worry about vacuuming which is required for carpeted floors. With just a few throw rugs here and there, the pine flooring room will instantly warm up cool spots or add a dash of color. Here is a description of this coolest eco-friendly flooring option to make your floor look attractive.

Pine flooring

Easy availability of pine

The main advantage of pine is its inexpensive availability and durability. Pine is a soft wood from the evergreen trees family with a yellow brown coloring, which darkens with age. Pine has many knots and whorls and can even be a clearer wood with finer grain than hard wood. It may need a little more care as far as refinishing or maintaining its original color is concerned. However, pine is comparatively cheaper than the price commanded by hard wood. There are different varieties of pine, such as the southern yellow pine, long leaf pine, and eastern white pine. When combination of both grades are intermixed or alternated, it can yield an attractive floor with natural flair in design. The long leaf heart pine is dense and less susceptible to damage, thus making it a common choice for many. The southern yellow pine is also gaining in flooring popularity due to its resistance to damage and reasonable price.

Durability of pine flooring

Pine flooring is very durable for heavy traffic in the house particularly in the kitchen. The other additional feature of pine flooring is that it can be laminated with a thin top layer. This laminate mimics the character and color of the original pine wood color and makes it easy for the top surface to be cleaned as well as provide a durable floor below the top surface. Pine is also impervious to water and does not spoil easily.

Natural color of pine

The natural color finishing of pinewood can enhance the color scheme of any home decor. With its incomparable coloring, the pine flooring gives a lovely golden finish particularly in a room that receives natural lighting. The golden finish of the pine is complemented brilliantly by sunlight and is ideal for rooms with gas or wood fireplace. The natural glow of pine lends a warm feeling and provides stability to any room in the house. For instance, the use of rustic pine lumber can provide a finish, which will enhance the country house decor. In fact, pine can lend a certain character to any kind of theme used in the room. As pine ages, the floor will become a patina of finished texture which cannot be found in any other material. It is also interesting to note that constant wear and tear of the pine floor gives it a unique texture.

Eco-friendly qualities of pine

Pine trees grow much faster and can reach maturity quicker than most hard wood. They are sustainable source of wood that can be easily replaced. They can be reaped at an early stage giving it enough time to be utilized as lumber for building purposes. Depending on the type of pine, it can be clear with a tight, straight grain or may have large and small knots. These require less sanding and are generally dense in nature, which makes it the ideal flooring material. They are lighter in weight as compared to other types of hard wood making way for easier installation in the house.


Pine flooring is also done with reclaimed and recycled wood from old buildings, which again can be a great source of help towards preserving the trees. Pine flooring has been around for ages and has been used in many old buildings. Its durability and beauty is heightened with the years adding a certain aura to your home.

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