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OrganiK – A fuel cell-powered concept superyacht by SVDesign

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Eco Factor: Concept yacht designed to run clean on hydrogen fuel cells.

The OrganiK is the work of designer Sylvain Viau of SVDesign that has been developed to boast a strong identity, heritage of vessels from the golden age and an accommodation and layout designed for life at sea. The concept features a narrow hull which betters fuel economy and also allows for much higher cruising speeds.

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The OrganiK is propelled by two pods which feature an electric engine and has a power plant relying on the use of clean hydrogen fuel cells. The electric credentials of the superyacht keep it clean and silent on the sea.

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Wide windows provide excellent viewing points and a private owner’s apartment brings in privacy. The apartment includes a private salon, bedroom and a large balcony. Along with the apartment, the yacht provides space for four guest cabins and crew accommodation.

The onboard systems that include hot water systems and air-conditioning are based on ecofriendly systems that also reduce the amount of energy required by the yacht.

Via: SuperYachtTimes

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