Oppenheim’s Marina + Beach Towers project focuses on sustainability

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Eco Factor: Sustainable building designed to generate renewable energy.

Oppenheim’s proposal for a mixed-use tower in U.A.E is designed to maximize the quantity of units on the beach. This new approach will permit the introduction of new unit types with spatial adjacencies of a village. The project’s fluidity will merge the sky and water to allow for a more varied living experience.

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The façade of the tower will respond to every shift of light, while providing protection from the intense sun. The architecture will also allow the creation of a botanical wonderland that is infused with natural light. From this new ground, opportunities for the integration of unique amenities usually associated with lifestyle will also emerge.

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The architecture firm has focused on sustainability and has tried to embrace natural resources for power and light. The building’s design will allow it to be cooled by the breezes, which will regulate interior temperature without consuming too much energy.

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Moreover, the building will also include solar and wind arrays for the generation of the some of its required energy. Other systems deployed for sustainability will include various methods for reuse of the vast amounts of water flowing through the site.

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Via: Oppenheim

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