Obtaining energy efficient lighting by generating sustainable energy

Man is craving for energy. In modern era, we are the slaves of energy. We are completely dependent on the energy of our natural resources for performing a large number of activities from lighting a bulb at home to running mechanical giants at an industry.


Most of our energy comes from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and other resources, which are very limited. With our insatiable hunger for energy, these stocks of fossil fuels are on the very edge of extinction.

So what solution does humanity have to this seriously growing problem? Read this article to find ways to become energy efficient.


Sustainable Energy:

Yes, the answer is sustainable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, tidal and wave energy, hydroelectricity, geothermal energy and much more, from sustainable energy resources.

This technology causes almost no pollution as it contains minute amounts of carbon and does not release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and hence, it is completely safe for the environment. Moreover, these are never ending sources of energy, so energy is renewable that you can obtain all the time.


Technologies associated with renewable energy:

The techniques associated with energy generation from renewable resources can be grouped chronologically under the following heads.

  • Geothermal heat, biomass combustion and hydropower that were first used about two centuries ago during the industrial revolution marked the beginning of the new era in energy generation.
  • This was followed by the solar heating, use of windmills run on wind power, solar photovoltaic cells and modern bio-energy forms.
  • Next is the recent phase of intense research and developmental studies on generation of power from renewable resources through processes like advanced biomass application, solar thermal power, bio refinery technologies and many more.


Various products have been launched in the markets that have proved to be energy efficient. The CFLs or Compact Florescent Lights have gained great prominence in the electrical market. They are very important in the electrical consumer markets. The CFLs have numerous advantages but the two best advantages are-

  • They consume less energy as compared to other lighting systems (only one third) and
  • They are more long lasting and durable in comparison to their conventional incandescent counterparts.

The CFLs are the best example of energy efficient lighting and contribute a lot in saving the environment, as they strengthen the use of sustainable energy.

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