O2 Pursuit: Reducing pollution on the roads by using air as fuel!

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Using nothing compressed air as fuel to drive your bike to the office and back home every day- That is what O2 Pursuit promises to offer. When we first heard of the simply ‘air-powered’ bike, we thought that it was too far from reality to be meaningful. But that was not to be as indeed compressed air can be used effectively as a fuel for short-distance commutes and with green energy used for the process O2 could be completely emission-free.

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The engine of the O2 Pursuit was designed by Engineair in Melbourne, Australia and using the ‘DiPietro air engine’ model, O2 successfully converts compressed air into engine fuel. There is no carbon-emission in the usage of O2 and you are offered a bike that is lighter in weight and has more maneuverability as well.

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With its light and sleek design and greater stability, O2 can handle most types of terrain and will work better than most other bikes even on the rainy days and dirt tracks. As far as the fuel goes you can just exchange an empty compressed air tank for a filled one at any of the O2 Pursuit’s refueling station.

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The makers of the bike suggest usage of soar energy in the plants that prepare the compressed air cylinders for the bike. This ensures that the entire process is clean and eco-friendly. O2 is indeed a wonderful, stylish and green commuting vehicle for the future roads and we hope a prototype is not far off.

Via: Melbourne Design Awards

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