Need for more alternative energy to power our daily life

Despite much talk regarding the positive impact of alternative energy on the global environment and our life in general, it has not yet been incorporated in modern lifestyle. People are signing petitions to reduce the use of fossil fuels but not adapting alternative energies in their daily life. This strange behavior raises many questions in the mind of the observer.

Are alternative energy sources usable in daily life? The fact is that alternative energies are beneficial in many ways but the technologies for generating alternative energy are still in a juvenile state and the governments are not interested in getting out of the state of inertia regarding it. Without sufficient initial investment by governments, the mass production of alternative energy will remain a distant dream.

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Love for status quo

All the efforts of government organizations are going into maintaining the status quo. In the developing countries, poverty, lack of resources, and development of business infrastructure are considered more pressing concerns. In the developed countries, defense, medical care and education are some of the matters that keep governments occupied. Without a proper regulatory framework and stable infrastructure that is cost effective, alternative energy cannot be generated for public use. The vastness of the non-renewable energy industry and the astounding amount of money rolling in it are also keeping governments taking serious steps in favor of alternative energy production.

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The immense amount of investment needed

The research and development necessary for mass production of alternative energy requires lots of money. Setting up wind power plants or solar plants is also not going to happen without billions of dollars of investment in the right directions. Money needed for developing the infrastructure is one of the prime causes why alternative energy is still not available for household use and we are dependent on fossil fuels. The technology for generating energy and electricity from non-renewable sources has already reached a stable state of development.

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No impending doom hovering over us

The web is full of news about the importance and the benefits of alternative energy and the harmfulness of using fossil fuels. Even though the negative effects are largely apparent, people prefer to remain largely ignorant. As there is no obvious feeling of doom that we can sense, we are not demanding alternative energy for household use.


Alternative energy resources are less polluting and easily available. Generating electricity from these unconventional sources is possible only if the governments invest in developing relevant technologies and power plants.

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