KinetiCompost harnesses wind energy for nutrient-rich compost


Eco Factor: Composter driven by renewable wind energy.

The KinetiCompost by Benjamin Andrew Bangser is the fastest, simplest, most eco-friendly way to create nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Just put your compostable materials in KinetiCompost’s rotomolded barrel, pop on the lid, and let Mother Nature do what she would normally do – only about 10X faster! KinetiCompost is made of durable, 100% recycled plastic and steel so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment.

The technology behind KinetiCompost is very simple. A gearbox (such as the one found in a power drill) is located behind the rotating windmill, creating a 200:1 gear ratio so that for every 200 rotations of the windmill, the compost barrel completes one full rotation. Now, rather than turning your compost every few days, you can let the already existing breeze keep your compost in constant rotation – which translates to faster compost production and a healthier garden.

Thanks: [Benjamin Andrew Bangser]

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