Is growing your own food healthier and cheaper?


If you’re new to gardening or are a seasoned pro, the prospect of growing your own fruits and vegetables can be daunting. It can often take a lot of preparation, hard work and consistency to yield the best possible produce. But with all the effort comes great rewards.

Will it ensure you and your family are eating healthier, however? And will it help save you money off your food shop?

Initial investment

creating your own fruit and vegetable patchIn the first instance you will have to spend money to reap the benefits of growing your own fruit and vegetables. Make sure you’ve budgeted well and considered all the options around how you’re going to invest in what you need to succeed. With raised beds and planters, soil, fertiliser and seeds on your wish list, try shopping around both online and at your local garden centre to find the best price for everything.

You can grow your own way

There are many benefits to creating your own fruit and vegetable patch and growing produce yourself. You don’t even need to have a lot of space to get going. If you’re thinking of getting started in your home, perhaps you’ve got a conservatory or a bit of space in your kitchen, there are a handful of essentials that you can grow easily indoors.

Have them with your cooked breakfast or in a sandwich; tomatoes are the perfect addition to your indoor veg spot. Typically, the cherry variety grow best inside, but salad tomatoes can thrive in your kitchen too.

With its numerous health benefits, spinach is another great vegetable to grow. You can use it as a side dish, in a smoothie or in your salads in summer! This power veg is another great option for you to grow inside if you’re lacking in outdoor space.

If you have the room for a patch outside, carrots, onions and potatoes are all super easy to grow too. You could even try your hand at a little herb garden, again either in your kitchen or outside!

Health and financial benefits?

creating your own fruit and vegetable patchA lot of the shop-bought food we eat has travelled a long way to reach our table, but the food you grow yourself will always be super fresh and in season.This means that not only will it be incredibly tasty, it’ll also be cheaper than buying it out of season in the supermarket. And as an added bonus, the fact you’ve grown it yourself will make it all the more satisfying.

And, not only will your fruit and veg be much fresher and come in less plastic, growing your own has financial benefits too. A study by, revealed that the average UK household throws away £355.68 worth of food every year, equating to a staggering £9.7billion across the country annually. By having your own little fruit and veg plot, you’ll be much less likely to throw away and discard any, as you’ll be picking fresh and getting exactly how much you need each and every time.

With so many benefits to building your own plot and beginning your self-sufficient future, why not make this year, the year you start!

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