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Important features that make a home really green

by Ecofriend1874

Green revolution is becoming a major part of the urban lifestyle. People have become a lot more aware and conscious about global pollution and household carbon emissions. They are now making daily choices more carefully. A huge number of modern homeowners are interested in transforming their houses into green homes. However, most of them are not completely aware about the specific criteria that make your home a green home. To make a green living space for your family and reducing the harmful effects of your lifestyle on the environment, you need to know what the necessary features of a green home are. In the following, you will find the most important green home features listed.

Alternative energy production

The solar heat gain coefficient of glass matters

The most important criterion of a green home is its energy efficiency. When a house is properly insulated and the glasses used on doors and windows have a low SHGC or solar heat gain coefficient then your home will move one-step towards being green. Low solar heat gain coefficient means that your house will absorb less heat from the sun.

Alternative energy production

A modern green home must be able to produce green or alternative energy for the residents. Solar power generating systems are the most common of all alternative power production systems used at residential buildings. Solar panels are capable of producing good amount of solar energy for heating and cooling your home.

Enthalpy recovery system

Instead of the traditional air conditioning machines that eat up huge amount of electricity, you should use the enthalpy wheel. This machine helps in cooling the air that comes inside with the help of previously cooled air inside. This way you can save energy on cooling your home.


Water conserving appliances

In the real green homes, the appliances employed are capable of saving water. Use low flow showerheads and faucets at home and buy water efficient dishwashers, washing machines and heaters. Get a plumber in case the faucets start leaking.

Energy efficient lights are used

Make sure that you use only the energy efficient lights for your home. The Compact Fluorescent Lights are good option. Get dimmer switch installed for times when you don’t need bright illumination.


Many important features make your house a green home. Be careful to implement the necessary changes for transforming your house into a green home. Sometimes, it is the small touch that matters.

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