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Important days that mark the growing environmental concerns and problems

World Clean-up day

Eco- science is a very huge and crucial subject in today’s world. Considering the fact that there are so many environmental issues; this subject has become one of the most interesting and essential topics children must learn. In the constant effort of spreading awareness about the various concerns of the environment, environmentalists are leaving no stone unturned. So much so, you also experts writing various kinds of documents such as research papers, thesis, books, etc.  You also have special days that are dedicated for a specific cause / concern. Through this article we will highlight a few of these important environmental centric days and their significance.

The Amazon Rainforest day

The Amazon Rainforest dayThis is a day that marks the concerns and challenges the Amazon Rainforest faces today. The significance of this day is to spread awareness about issues like deforestation, extinction of fauna and flora and other such concerns. It also highlights the various threats there are heading towards the Amazon Rainforest. The community based project, in collaboration Rainforest Partnership, helps to find out different strategies and ways to protect the Amazon Rainforest.

The World Environmental Day

The United Nations celebrates the World Environment Day on the 5th of June every year. This is an initiative that deals with the various environmental concerns and issues. Every year there is a new theme that marks this day. This day covers issues like global warming, over population of humans, marine life and their challenges and concerns, etc. If you look at the various research papers and thesis that are written, you will find some really good topics and issues to write/read on.

World Clean-up day

World Clean-up dayAs the name suggests, this is a day that motivates people to clean up solid waste. The significance of this day is to get people to understand how trash and other disposed items are affecting the environment. Various groups across the world come together and clean up the drains, beaches or even the streets. There are some that also go to clean up the landmines and other such conflicted zones.

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

We all know the importance of the Ozone layer. The significance of this is not only to mark the concerns pertaining to the hole on the ozone layer; but, it is also about how we can close it. This day also marks the various strategies and techniques we as humans can use to prevent ozone depletion.  One such initiative that was taken was the signing of the Montreal Protocol by countries all over the globe. The Montreal Protocol is an agreement to help in the protection of the stratospheric ozone layer.


With the growing concerns of the various problems that threaten our environment, there are many efforts that are being taken to control such issues. The above mentioned days are just a few of the many environmental centric days that are observed. Even students do their own part of spreading awareness of these days through their essays, research, thesis, etc. These days not only help in creating awareness; but also help people from various parts of the globe come together.

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