How To Use Packaging Tape (The Green Way) – All You Need To Know

How To Use Packaging Tape

Packaging tape is a must-have for everyone who plans to send cartons or boxes and securely seal them. It is the glue that keeps the package together; it is strong, flexible, and simple to work with and apply. But how should it be used? Is it reusable? How does carry handle tape help us transport goods?

In today’s topic, we will cover some of the questions, which are solely on packing tape & we’ll go through everything you should know. Such as how to use it, apply it to boxes and properly remove it, and utilize tape dispensers to save time and effort while sealing.

Types of Packing Tapes

using Packing TapeSeveral varieties of packing tape are available, including high duty, low noise, cross filament, vinyl, polypropylene, etc. We have spoken about it previously, but we realize how confusing it may be with all of the numerous qualities each tape has.

Before determining the purpose of the tape, we should consider its uses (indoor or outdoor), the weight of the contents, the bondable materials, and the range of sealable things. You can browse our exclusive tape selection online.

Best Use of Packaging Tape

Packing tape is simple to use and one of the easiest packaging components, but we must handle it carefully, or you will rapidly wind up in a mess with a lot of tapes wasted! We have included some packing tape use recommendations below to help you get the most out of it.

First, make sure you use packing tape rather than cellophane tape (Sellotape), paper masking tape, or craft tape. Packaging tape is constructed of a strong, bonded substance and is meant for closing boxes and cartons with a strong and long-lasting stick. This tight binding ensures that the tape does not peel off during shipment or storage and that your item does not burst open, which might have devastating repercussions. Make sure you are using the proper tape for the task.

Tape Dispensers

Tape DispenserIn most circumstances, we should use tape dispensers to apply the packing. This not only makes it much quicker and easier, but it also ensures that the tape has been put correctly, with no crinkles or the tape clinging to itself—the tape dispenser’s pressure aids in sealing the tape to the box or surface.

Best way to utilize a packing tape dispenser

Packing tape dispensers are beneficial if you often use tape to seal boxes, cartons, or packages – a dispenser may make this procedure quicker and simpler. It may apply tape in a single smooth motion, saving time and energy, reducing waste, and increasing efficiency.

There are several varieties of packaging tape dispensers. The pistol grip dispenser is the most prevalent, which we will be looking at today. They provide everything you need to dispense, stick, and cut tape in one tiny, strong instrument with an easy-to-grip, pistol-like handle.

To begin, put the tape roll into the dispenser reel. Assemble the tape such that it fits snuggly over the reel and remains in place. Make sure the adhesive side of the tape is toward the floor, downwards, since this is how the tape will be dispensed and adhere to the surface you are taping.

Once loaded, insert the beginning of the tape reel into the dispenser. Pull the adhesive end of the tape through the tiny dispensing slot. It’s a narrow tube that goes to the front of the dispenser and into the cutting teeth, through which the tape is fed when the dispenser is operated. A lever clip is also provided to draw down and secure the tape in place.

Features of Tape Dispensers

using Tape DispenserMany dispensers include a little adjustable screw within the center of the reel that permits you to change the resistance and tightness of the reel, so make sure that this is often set as required to enable the tape to spin freely with some resistance.

You are ready to seal your first box and set up the dispenser for continued usage now that the tape has been passed through. Ensure that the surfaces to be taped are clean and free of dust and grime. Stick the tape’s end to the surface where you want the tape to begin, and then draw the pistol grip along the length of the area to be taped. The tape should flow off the reel with a smooth, clean, and straight seal.

Simply angle the pistol grip handle towards the surface, front first, to cut and finish. It will activate the cutting teeth across the tape, slicing it and leaving the next portion of tape ready to adhere to the front of the reel. We have provided a helpful video below that clearly shows this technique.


Packaging tapes come in handy, which is why they are a popular choice in the majority of convenience stores and courier services. Hopefully, these suggestions will assist you in knowing the use of Packaging Tape and how useful they are.

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