How to Reduce Mold in Your Home


Whether you live by yourself or with your family, keeping a healthy and germ-free household is of utmost importance. A clean living space is harder to achieve than it sounds. The most challenging is getting rid of bacteria that you cannot see as visible as the others, like molds. Before it accumulates and gets out of hand, there are easier remedies available now to choose from.

Let’s spell it out.

M – Moisture Control

dehumidifierMolds manifest most in musty areas like bathroom tile corners, tile grouts and even old wooden cabinets. Because the bathroom is the wettest area of the house, next to the laundry room (if you have one), make sure that you keep your bathroom rugs dry. Choose bathroom mats that are easy to clean and fast to dry up. You can also invest in a good dehumidifier that is portable since most common households have average-sized bathrooms.

Numerous appliance centers have started carrying a wider set of options for dehumidifiers, like Harvey Norman. Trusted brands are available like the DeLonghi AriaDry 30L Compact Dehumidifier. With Harvey Norman’s affordable prices, you can own this sturdy and compact dehumidifier that would fit perfectly on your bathroom counter.

O – Open Air

Having air come in and out of your house helps get rid of any allergens lurking around from the molds and dry them up faster, so always ensure common rooms have proper access to ventilation.

The DeLonghi Tasciugo AriaDry Slim Dehumidifier is perfect for common rooms and bedrooms are ideal for such spaces with its sleek shape and size. Get yours now at Harvey Norman for only $349.

L – Light Them Up

Molds tend to thrive in damp places and to avoid them from further building up, crack open a window frequently in dark areas and rooms of your house to let the sunlight in.

Because the sunny weather may cause the air to become drier, you can partner your dehumidifier with a humidifier. Humidifiers add just the right amount of moisture in the dry air and helps alleviate flu and colds. Harvey Norman has a wide array of humidifiers to choose from like the Philips Air Humidifier with Nanocloud Technology for only $179.

D – Dry the Duds

When storing fresh laundry in your cabinets, which most often are using wooden materials, make sure that the clothes are completely dry from top to bottom. Thicker fabrics like jeans tend to store moisture when not properly ironed, so always check.

Damp clothes create molds in cabinets and have the tendency to leave a sour smell behind. This smell sticks to your clothing and will be uncomfortable to wear. To keep this from happening; store clothes with portable dehumidifier sacks like the Climate Sunsack Reusable Dehumidifier. These are available in Harvey Norman for only $12.95 a piece.

When it comes to mould prevention, there is no one tip that applies to all. You must know when to adapt to the changing climates of your area so that you know how dry, wet, and cold weather responds to moisture. In this way, you will not only prolong the integrity of your house, but you will be able to keep your family safe from various skin and respiratory problems.

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