How to Create a Beauty Routine That’s Good For Your Skin and the Environment

How to Create a Beauty Routine That’s Good For Your Skin and the Environment

These days, having in-depth skincare and makeup routine is crucial. Although there are many products on the market intended to help you take good care of your skin, the truth is that many of them are not good for the environment. From microplastics that are not biodegradable to single-use products that cause an unnecessary amount of waste, there is no denying that the beauty industry is oftentimes harmful to the environment. If you’re looking to make your skincare routine more eco-friendly, here are a few helpful tips.

1.  Cut Out Single-Use Products

One of the leading contributors to unnecessary waste in the United States is single-use beauty products. From cotton pads to makeup wipes, many seemingly innovative beauty products are terrible for the planet. Instead of removing makeup with single-use wipes, opt for reusable wipes or cream cleansers that come in recyclable containers and can break down makeup just as well as a wipe. Reusable cotton pads, cotton balls, and other cloth items can also take the place of single-use products. Plus, these items often hold up well over time and save consumers money in comparison to single-use products which need to be repurchased often.

2.  Use Eco-Friendly Tools

There are numerous beauty tools on the market that are not good for your skin or the planet. Many brushes and makeup sponges are made of plastic materials that cannot be recycled and can have a negative impact on your skin, so opting for more ethically produced, environmentally friendly products can be a good investment. Brands like Eco-Tools make affordable beauty tools that are ethically sourced and produced, meaning you can complete your daily beauty routine without any guilt about potentially damaging environmental effects.

3.  Leave Skincare To The Professionals

While indulging in professional skincare treatments like injections from The Institute of Natural Health can be pricey, there is no denying that they are better for the planet than purchasing single-use products or products that will need to be replenished quickly from beauty stores to use at home. Leaving the majority of your skincare routine to certified professionals can reduce the amount of waste that piles up in your home; plus, leaving certain treatments to professionals will ensure that your skin looks and feels better than it could from doing treatments or using products at home.

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