How Technology Can Improve Life for Elders

Most young people engage with different types of technology regularly with many seeing it as part of their daily life. The same cannot be said for older people as the majority prefer to cling to traditional ways of doing things as long as they work. Nevertheless, some elders are slowly embracing various technological innovations as part of their life resulting in a better quality of life. Whether they use technology to improve their health, keep in touch with friends or learn something new, its entry into their lifestyle usually impacts them positively.

Easier communication

Mobile phones have become part of our daily lives with most people investing in smartphones to make communication much easier. Elders can use phones to communicate with family and friends making it easier to stay connected no matter their location. Some of the phones have applications that allow for the use of video messaging which enables elders to see the person they are speaking to thus enhancing communication. The rise of VPN technology further facilitates mobile communications thanks to its ability to unblock communication apps or websites censored in countries such as China as well as some workplaces and institutions.

Improved health

Technology that focuses on the health of elders has been on the rise in recent years with the majority of services providers offering a wide array of products. The products vary depending on the needs of the individual and their desire to be independent regardless of their age. Some health products such as those from medical guardian and alert pendants give elders a chance to have their health monitored without interfering with their routine.

Better access to information

Information is important for elders that want to keep abreast with the happenings in their local area and beyond. Technology makes it easy to find such information through websites and other online publications. Elders with a tablet or smartphone can get the latest news about their favorite topics helping them stay connected to the world around them. Also, the use of technological innovations gives them a chance to find out more about matters that concern their health through various information posted online.

Healthier lifestyle

Improved healthKeeping fit is essential as one grows older is vital as it reduces the chances of contracting medical conditions that are associated with old age. It is possible for elders to avoid diseases such as diabetes or heart disease by engaging in regular exercise. Fortunately, many fitness devices are designed to help elders reach their goals while monitoring their activities all day long.

Enhances social connections

Old age is often associated with loneliness because many elders find themselves with fewer things to do on a regular day. However, with the technology, they can keep in touch with the rest of the world by merely browsing the internet or making a video call to a loved one. It is easier for seniors to maintain better social connections from the comfort on their home and in-person as well.

Best technology tips for elders

using the internetOlder adults are increasingly becoming tech savvy with a majority of them learning as much as they can about technology. However, it is essential for seniors to understand ways through which they can enjoy their interaction with technology but still be safe. Some of the tips to keep in mind are listed below.

  • When using the internet and any devices connected to the web, you need to have strong passwords to avoid getting hacked. Do your best to keep your information private until you are sure the connection is secure and is from a genuine source. Also, ensure that the computer or handheld device has an updated anti-virus to protect you from any form of attacks.
  • When using a cellphone, customize the settings on the phone to reflect your needs such as the use of larger fonts to make the reading of text much easier. Elders do not have to strain their eyes to use smartphones as they can adjust the brightness and choose the most suitable one.
  • Sharing information online should be limited to close relations to avoid getting scammed and even losing money. If you are using a shared device such as a computer or tablet ensure that you log out entirely so that the next person does not have access to your private details.
  • When buying technological devices, go for those that are easy to operate so that you can enjoy using them. Ensure that you understand the different features on the device and also go through the manual to enable maximum use of the gadget at all times. Also, buy gadgets from reputable companies that offer high-quality items all year round.
  • When using social media, ensure that you only share private information with people that you have interacted with before. Older people should avoid oversharing when using social media platforms so that they are do not fall victim to scammers or hackers. Also, caution those sharing your information online to do so only after consulting you.
  • Buying items online should be done after proper research has been done on the site and its previous customers. Some online shops are used as a front to cover fraudulent actions that are geared towards scamming older adults. It is important to remain focused and not swayed by great advertising only for the actual item or service to be below the expectations.
  • When using technology, it is essential to consider its overall impact on your health and of those around you. If left uncontrolled, technology can take over your life leaving you strained instead of enjoying the benefits it has to offer.


Overall, the improvement that technology that has brought into the lives of seniors cannot be underestimated. For older adults, technology brings with it a lot of good and bad things, making it essential to sieve through and pick out the best one for your lifestyle.

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