How Green Economy Is Slowly Changing the World


The fight for a green economy is one that we all have to take part in. Regardless of your capability, there’s always something you can do.

MBP solution is one company that is doing something about it. With a goal of achieving sustainability, circular economy, and recycling and reusing, the company is already miles ahead of all of us.

Founded in 1999, MBP uses biological by-products to help in environmental preservation. It collects, handles, and processes waste products then converts it to useful organic by-products.

Some of the by-products that such companies process includes: Biofuels, fertilizers, animal feeds, and some industrial products.

Through their services, green companies make an impact in several countries around the world. Below, we look into five of the most important green services and how these impact the world.

Take a look:

1.     Waste collection

waste awarenessAfter processing, every industry usually has some waste products which are bound for disposal. However, some of these waste materials may still be viable for recycling or reusing.

Green companies, therefore, identify such industries and their waste products. They also look into industries that would benefit from that waste raw material.

They then complete all the required paperwork and documentation with these industries and do the waste collection. This is also done in some hotels and homes for the used cooking oil, which is usually wasted.

By doing this, the company helps reduce the levels of land and air pollutions. It also makes the environment more friendly.

2.     Outsourced management of by-products (OMBP)

Today, most companies outsource specific tasks to other relevant industries to ease their workload. By product and waste management is one such task.

Efficient green companies thus have the OMBP service that takes care of such tasks.

Through this service, the company ensures that each client gets a personalized solution for their by-product problems.

By following the OMBP, your company receives value from each solution, and the employees are educated on the legal compliance laws. As a result, a good green company generally ensures that you get a long-term solution, which is in accordance with the waste management laws.

The company, therefore, helps its clients and industries not only understand proper management practices but also promotes the Green economy initiative.

3.     Laboratory analytical services

recyclingIn a bid to improve its by-products solutions, green companies like MBP have invested in research and analytics of their products. Their ReSouce Labs AS has proven to be very reliable in analytical tasks regarding waste management.

Through this service, MBP Solutions helps numerous companies to determine the reusability and recycling properties of their waste products.

This includes analyzing waste substrates to determine if they can be converted to biogas or biofuels. The lab also allows MBP to analyze wastewater for different companies before emission to the environment.

Consequently, companies working with green companies like MBP get to understand the legal compliance policies and hence avoid environment pollution.

4.     Vacuum tanker services

MBP works hand in hand with Sosibo AB to provide sewer and sledge services across Sweden. While this task seems easy, it requires experts to complete the cleaning.

The company uses modern vacuum tankers to complete the work. It is also armed with pipes of different sizes to ensure they access even the narrow pipes.

This service helps avoid sewer spillage to the environment as it becomes a health hazard.

5.     By-product collection

Legal concernsHaving been in the industry for a long time, many green companies have risen to be among the best in biological by-products collection. They offer this service to enterprises in multiple sectors and use them for product production.

A good green company, however, works with contracts and agreements and thus helps industries comply with the legal terms. This makes it easy for companies to manage their operations and complete their budgeting.


A reliable eco-friendly company offers a couple more services besides the above mentioned. Each of these services has proven to help not only the clients but also the environment.

As more industries become aware of the waste and by-product management rules, the world begins to heal by the day.

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