How Bad Weather Impact Your Roof?

How Bad Weather Impact Your Roof

The roof is mainly installed to protect from internal damage and hazards. But this same roof can be damaged from extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall, snow, hail, wind, etc. Yes, you heard it right. External harsh environmental conditions can harm our roof in various ways.

Are you wondering how to protect yourself and your house from all this? We at All Seasons Roofing have got your back. Please do not spend a lot of money repairing your roof every other day, use the right roof material, and keep it maintained and clean.

Impact of Bad Weather On Your Roof

1.      Impact of Rain on Roof

Impact of Rain

Wherever you live, let it be a small village or a European country, you will experience rain in your area. Even deserts have to experience the monsoon rain. Roofs are made to protect your house from internal damage, but that does not mean they will withstand heavy rain.

It is the reason behind the fact that they suggest you take care of your roof and check it regularly. After every rainfall, cleaning and maintaining the roof will protect you from further damage to your house and the roof.

2.      Impact of Wind

Whenever the wind blows, there is a possibility of your roof being damaged, and if the wind blows at a speed of hundreds of miles per hour, it will damage the roof of your house deliberately. It may wear off the tiles and shingles of your house.

High-speed winds can cause a tree to fall over the roof of your house, which can be damaged permanently. The other problems the wind can cause include breakage of shingles, chimney issues, indoor leakage, etc.

3.      Effect of Lightning

Another factor that leads to damage to your roof is lightning. When the lightning falls on the roof of the houses, it can create holes in the shingles or the roof’s surface. Not only this, but it can also cause fire to your roof.

Through these holes, anything can enter the inner boundaries of your house to cause further indoor damage. So, it is suggested to check the roof regularly to save yourself and your house from a disaster.

4.      Negative Impact of Hail On Roofs

Impact of Hail On Roof

As the rain can cause severe damage to the roof, hail is much more than this. When the rainwater freezes in extremely cold weather, it takes the form of snow or hail. When it falls over the roof’s surface or shingles, it breaks or bends it.

Hail causes million-dollar damage every year. To avoid such damage, you must check and maintain your roof regularly or replace the roof otherwise.

5.      Hot Weather Conditions

If you think that the people living in hot areas are safe from such damage, you are wrong. Not only do extreme cold weather conditions, like snow hail, cause damage to your roof, but extreme hot weather conditions cause even more damage.

When the roof is exposed to hot weather and sunlight for a long time, it damages the roof externally and internally. Also, it affects the ventilation functions of your house, so you better keep checking it.

6.      Impact of Standing Water

When rainwater accumulates on the roof and is left unchecked, it is dangerous for the health of your roof. The water keeps standing like this if the roof of your house has a low slope. To avoid such damage, installing the roofs made of better material that can withstand such conditions is suggested.

Another reason for this standing water can be malfunctioning gutters. If your gutters cannot withstand heavy rainwater, they can overflow and accumulate on the roof’s surface, causing damage to it.

7.      Effect of Shrubbery

shrubbery and leaves

The wind carries shrubbery and leaves with it to the roof of your house. It includes tree branches and twigs. When these things fall over the roof, they can cause severe damage and give your shingles physical stress.

Now, you’ll have to repair the roof shingles or chimneys or replace them with a new one. To avoid the hassle, you must wipe off these extra things from the roof before damaging them externally and internally. Also, make sure there are no big tall trees around your roof or the house.

Saving The Roof From Weather Conditions

Following the under given tips to save your roof from harsh weather conditions:

  1. Annual Maintenance of the roof.
  2. Cleaning the roof regularly.
  3. Installing the roof made of good material.
  4. Cleaning the gutters.
  5. Make sure that there are no big trees around


By reading the above article, we have concluded that weather conditions can damage the roof of our houses. The rain, hail, wind, and shrubbery can cause from little to extreme damage to your roof and your house as well.

To avoid such damage, cleaning the roof and gutters, keeping it away from the big tall tree branches, getting it maintained annually, and installing a roof made of reliable material can save you and your house.

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