Eco friendly Hitachi Data Systems goes ‘green’

hitachi data systems
Hitachi Data Systems announced a new Power Savings Services feature for the AMS and WMS modular storage families on the 24th of September 2007. With the help of this Power Savings feature, customers will be able to power down RAID group volumes when they are not being accessed by a business application. When required they can be quickly powered back again. What kind of people will find this feature most appealing? Well, this is ideal for customers who have to handle large volumes of data which is accessed infrequently or for a limited period of time. This Power Savings feature has been found to be useful even for volumes assigned for backups or for disk capacity that has been installed but not yet allocated. As the name suggests, this feature significantly reduces the number of kilowatt hours a storage array consumes, and thus helps in reducing cooling costs within a data center. If you would like to get this Power Savings feature from Hitachi Data Systems, then do check out the Fibre Channel, SATA disk drives and the Adaptable and Workgroup Modular Storage products. If you want to satisfy your business needs in an eco-friendly manner, go in for the Hitachi Data Systems’ new Power Saving Services feature! After all, being ‘green’ is all about increasing efficiencies and eliminating redundancies. Image Source

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