H-racer: World’s smallest fuel cell car

miniature hydrogen car

With the car industry banking more and more on hybrid cars, Horizon has also come up with a patented miniature fuel cell car. But, what is special about this car is that its hydrogen refueling station. It is for the first time that hydrogen is produced externally. An on-board storage tank can be fueled easily by it. Once filled, just disconnect the the refueling station from the car’s hydrogen tank. The car’s on board hydrogen fuel cell system is now solely equipped to run the car independently.

The car hits the headlines also for its size – making it the smallest fuel cell car in the world. Amazingly, it measures only 16cm X 11cm. Horizon’s miniature car has recently been nominated for the Intel Environment award in Silicon Valley’s Tech Museum.

Via: Horizon, Yanko Design, Gizmag, Jalopnik

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