Green VPS Server and More Sustainable Startup Ideas

Green VPS Server and More Sustainable Startup Ideas

There are many opportunities for people who want to start a green business. Most people today are aware of how the choices they make have an impact on the environment. This is fuelling the demand for green products as the majority of people would buy green in an effort to reduce the damage to the environment. The preference for eco friendly products will only increase in time, making  the perfect time to start an environment friendly business. Check out these green startup ideas : 

16 Green Startup Ideas

1. Turn shipping crates into offices

The latest green business trends are to support sustainable initiatives wherever possible, including choosing eco-friendly offices. Convert an old shipping container as your office and offer to turn them into green offices for other small start-ups. You can make your niche in providing green office solutions for people.

2. Become a green cleaner

Conventional cleaning services use chemical solutions which are bad for the health of people and environment. If you want to be in the list of eco-friendly entrepreneurs, you can start your own cleaning service for homes, offices and cars using only non-toxic chemical products. This can develop into a roaring business as people look out for natural cleaning products and solutions.

3. Renting goats

This is one of the bestgreen startup ideas if you live out of town, near farms and farmers. You can support a small goat herd which can provide you with goats’ milk which many people are taking to. You can rent out your herd to farmers nearby to clean their farms of ivy, shrubs, brambles, as goats are famous for gobbling up anything! They are swift footed which is why they can be used to clear steep slopes or other places difficult to get to with the mower.

4. Green crafting

One of the small business opportunities is green crafting. You can upcycle old clothes, jewellery and art to transform them into new and amazing designer articles. People who look for unique recycled items will definitely like your crafts. You can sell online for a good profit as exclusive, green accessories are high in demand.

5. Green VPS Server

Having a VPS server for web hosting is certainly advantageous. But did you know, recently there has been a great demand for Green VPS servers? It’s a part of general movement where eco-conscious people are stressing on reducing the environmental impact of the internet in general. So, if you assure people that your server works on renewable energy, has green certificates, and follows other green practices, you can easily tap into that market.

6. Become a green gardener/landscaper

One of the excellent and doable green startup ideas  is to become a gardener/landscaper who uses only organic materials and methods. There is an increasing awareness about the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow food. Lots of people want to grow their own vegetables, but it can be a little overwhelming. You can start your organic  home garden business and help people start their own gardens.

There are several ways of doing this – you can offer your consultancy, sell green garden info packs as well as organic fertilizer, and create pretty container gardens for people.

7. Invent something green

Look around you and see what you can invent to make life easier and greener for people. Something which is innovative and low tech can catch the eye of investors which can help your product become commercially available to all.

8. Start an eco-friendly beauty business

Salons and spas are filled with people who look for green alternatives but do not seem to find any. Start an eco friendly beauty service/salon where you use only organic or green substances, to target eco conscious customers and become a successful eco-friendly entrepreneur.

9. Start making organic/natural personal care products

Beauty/personal care productswhich are made from organic raw material are high in demand, as more people become aware of the toxicity of conventional personal care products. These chemicals have been found to cause many diseases including cancer, apart from polluting the waterways and destroying marine life.

To provide a green, planet friendly solution to people who want to replace chemical laden products, start making organic soaps, shampoos, cosmetics with natural, pesticide free herbs and other raw materials. It’s one of the green startup ideas  which is sure to be a hit!

10. Green consulting/ Energy auditing

Help businesses/homes reduce their carbon footprint with green strategies you suggest. This start-up idea has a good future as people strive to lower their eco footprint, now and in the future.

11. Fundraising writing

A start-up to help other start-ups raise funds for their ecofriendly ventures is a brilliant idea. Green start-ups need funding to get their businesses off the ground. Your services as a fund-raising writer will be appreciated by many!

12. Composting business

Make compost for yourself and other people. You can sell to local farmers, aspiring organic urban gardeners. You can pick up and drop off compost from suppliers to their customers and make a living out of it. This can encourage more people to make compost out of their leftover food and organic trash if they know there is someone to take it off their hands and help to sell it.

13. Cleaning air ducts

Dust/dirt accumulation in the air ducts prevents air conditioning/HVAC systems from working in an optimum manner. This results in wastage of electricity as more electricity is needed to function. Air ducts cleaning business is one of the small business opportunities which can turn into a big business in no time.

14. Start an alternative energy plant

If you live near the coastline, start a wind energy farm and supply green energy to people. Or you can start a biogas plant and even a waste-energy plant which is of the utmost importance right now.

15. Manufacture/sell solar panels

One of the latest green business trends is to manufacture and sell solar products, including solar panels and batteries. You can lease panels, install and maintain them too. If you don’t want to get into manufacturing, you can get a distributorship from manufacturers and start selling solar PV cells etc in your area.

16. Sell used books

Apart from some classics and first editions, people usually dump their books or send them for recycling. Though recycling is a good idea, a better idea still is to provide extremely affordable books which have been used (and reused) to people who love reading but cannot afford many books. You can sometimes charge for picking up books which would otherwise be torn and shredded.

Before starting a green business, take a good look around where you live and mark the business opportunities which would thrive there. There are still few green businesses so it will be easier for you to stand out, once you identify the area in which you want to start your eco friendly venture.

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