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Going green by installing environmentally inclined bathroom wall tiles

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Eco homes can help in preserving our nature by adoption of various Eco-friendly mechanisms and products. Various areas of a house like kitchen, bathroom, living room and more are surrounded by synthetic products which can be replaced by environment friendly products. Aspects like flooring, ceiling, walls, and electric appliances contribute in a great way towards an appropriate and safe environment. Bathroom is a place which can be remodeled in simple and easy ways to increase energy efficiency and save our planet. Small little changes can make a great positive impact in reduction of your individual carbon footprint and more. From low flow toilets to energy efficient lighting to Eco-friendly bathroom tiles – all make a difference. Talking about Eco-friendly tiles for your bathroom could include recycled tiles or options like clay tiles and more. Here some options from environmentally inclined tiles for your modish style bathroom.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine Tiles can help you create a dramatic look in your bathroom. They are known for their beauty and are available in variety of colors. These tiles do not require major maintenance as they are durable and long lasting. Since these tiles do not emit any toxic substances and contain no VOCs they are an ideal choice for many eco lovers. Since they are also available in many natural shades, you can choose to give your bathroom a calm and peaceful décor with this Eco-friendly option. Since it comes in various finishes, you can choose the look you want for your bathroom from dramatic to an antique look.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are one of eco friendliest option amongst green tiles. These tiles are completely recyclable and biodegradable. Clay tiles are manufactured from 100 percent post-consumer recycled tiles adding to its green element. Since these tiles have insulation quality, they help save cost due to reduced energy consumption leading to decrease in electricity bills. Since these tiles are beautiful, they can add an attractive appeal to your boring bathroom décor. Using clay tiles for the walls of your bathroom can help you contribute towards a greener planet.

Glass Tiles

Recycled glass tiles can prove to be a great option as accent tiles. Recycled glass tiles are a choice of many eco lovers these days as it helps in reduction of landfills. manufacturing of glass tile consumed less energy as compared to other traditional forms adding to its green attribute. Since they are available in rainbow of colors, they help in creating a trendy yet sophisticated look for your bathroom. They are no porous and do not absorb any form of chemicals and provide a clean environment. By using these recycled tiles, you can contribute your bit to recycle products and save our mother earth.

Other recycled Tiles

Tiles made from recycled products are a healthy choice as they help in reduction of landfills and are durable. They are easy to clean and do not absorb liquids, making it an ideal choice for bathroom walls. It also helps in saving energy that is used in mining of materials to create conventional forms of tiles. Production of tiles usually consumed less energy as compared to production of tiles from fresh raw materials. This in turn results in reduced pollution levels, hence reducing overall carbon footprint. Tiles made from post consumer and post industrial waste help in reduction of waste getting accumulated. Tiles do not act as a port of harbor for mold, mild dews or other forms of mites. They do not release any form of odors making it an ideal pick for the eco conscious.


When it comes to bathroom décor, going green with Eco-friendly tiles is a great option. Choosing the right tile material for your bathroom is one of the most entertaining yet challenging tasks. Tiles are ideal for bathroom walls as they are available in rainbow of colors, sizes and styles. Giving you a spa like ambiance, these tiles are mold and mildew resistant and also possess anti-bacterial properties making a healthy choice over its traditional counterparts. Whether you want an earthy look or a shimmery look, these tiles can provide you with unlimited finishing option. They are remarkable inexpensive and do not impact the environment at the same time. Today’s innovative manufacturers are offering varied variety of such green tile options. Using these tiles in a creative way can also give a dramatic look to your green bathroom. Environmentally safe tiles are an ideal pick for the eco conscious.

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