Greece looking to recover from economic slump through green energy

Greece’s prime minister, Lucas Papademos, has declared investments in green energy, a national priority vital for reviving the rapidly falling economy of the country. He has touted investments in renewable energy, which will include a solar initiative worth 20 billion Euros as well as expressing the country’s wish to become the largest exporter of green energy in the European Union. He hopes to achieve this milestone through the development of Project Helios, a scheme which aims to boost the solar power productivity of Greece from 206MW in the year 2010 to 2.2GW by the year 2020 and all the way to 10GW by 2050.

Greece touts green energy 2050 roadmap as key to economic recovery

There’s been a lot of discussions in previously regarding the economic condition of Greece. Even though the country has reduced its deficit by a large amount, the efforts have not satisfied the development aims of the country’s leaders. This new project, whose results have been predicted to have the potency of being groundbreaking, however, gives Greece the opportunity to stand out as the focal point of the EU. It is regarded as a brilliant opportunity for the country to utilize its abundant sunlight, translating it directly into economic benefits for itself as well as other regions with less abundant sunlight.

Helios has also been commended for being a one of a kind opportunity for demonstrating the potential success of photovoltaics and alternative energy sources in the near future, especially with European assistance.

Meanwhile, George Papakonstantinou, the Greek minister of Energy and Climate Change, has launched a draft on the renewable energy roadmap, which will maintain that Greece cuts down its emissions by 80 percent by 2050 to meet EU targets. The document stresses on the use of energy saving policies and renewable energy sources to meet the targets of the EU more efficiently.

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